On Stack Overflow, the x86-64 tag is the main tag for questions about 64 bit extensions to the Intel x86 architecture. The amd64 tag is a synonym.

Here on Code Review, the tag exists (and only has 6 questions), but has no synonyms. The tag does not exist at all.

I recently looked at a question about 64 bit assembly that was tagged with and . When I went looking for an x86-64 tag to add to it, I couldn't locate one. I did find , but that is not something I would think to look for, particularly because of the existence of x86-64 on Stack Overflow.

Should the x86-64 tag be created as a synonym of ? This would help users familiar with Stack Overflow find the tag here.

Or, for consistency with Stack Overflow, should x86-64 be the main tag with amd64 as a synonym?


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This seems like a good idea. I can understand why the confusion happens when compared with Stack Overflow. Additionally, the revision history on the tag itself on Code Review shows that the tag always said that the x86-64 alias is reasonable.

Unfortunately, only those people who have a score of at least 5 in the actual tag involved are allowed to suggest the alias... in this case, no users have that privilege, so moderator intervention is needed.


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