Until now, we have been using the tag for questions involving high-level code that calls , , or similar lower-level code.

Occasionally, people write code to allow or code to call code in a higher-level language, perhaps in an embedded interpreter. In that case, using the tag feels wrong, since we're going in the opposite direction. The best way to tag such questions, I believe is , a tag that I have just created. A foreign function interface is a mechanism by which a program written in one programming language can call routines or make use of services written in another.

If we have a tag, though, then is just a special case of FFI, right? Whether high-level code calls low-level code or vice versa, it's a similar topic and skillset, I think. Should we rename to for generality?


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A bit convoluted but I got there in the end.

  1. To maintain tag history I:
    Merged into .
  2. Since there seems to be no rename tool I:
    Merged into , with synonym.
  3. For improved tag SEO I:
    Made synonym to .

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