I've just now discovered the tag . It's associated with only 8 questions, and it has no tag wiki. Not only does the name sound like it could be off-topic, but the lack of a wiki really doesn't help. Stack Overflow has the same tag with a wiki, and it may help with deciding on this:

A methodology is usually a guideline system for solving a problem, with specific components such as phases, tasks, methods, techniques and tools.

Another piece of evidence is two (now-deleted) old questions that were only using this tag. One was more fitting for Programmers SE, and the other just contained pseudocode. The remaining 8 questions are unlike these, though. But that tag still doesn't fit with them nor with the site.


enter image description here

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It seems that this tag doesn't belong, so I'll slowly kill it off. Since it's not a very large one, I don't think contacting SE for immediate burnination is necessary. It'll also give me a chance to give more attention and/or improve these few questions.

UPDATE: The tag is now dead.


I agree. I don't see anything that the current questions have in common. Furthermore, I can't think of any justifiable use of such a tag on Code Review.


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