In the Users section there's a page that shows the top voters for the week.

I asked a question and voted on the best answers I got, but I'm not showing up on the voters page.

Why is that? Is this a bug or just a cache lag?


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Looks like this is by design.

If you go to the very last page of all-time voters on the site, you'll see that anyone with less than 11 votes isn't showing up.

You need to vote some more. And then some.

Simple as that! ;)

Voting generates reputation on the site.

For the beta site CR is, voting is like breathing. If we stop voting, the site dies.

Don't just upvote answers to your question.

Spend more votes. It's important. You get to vote up to 40 times every day. Also you get to earn civic-duty and electorate badges for voting, too.


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