I've noticed more and more questions recently having their posts tagged with C++ both and . A couple examples that I have recently handled myself:

As these questions stand, they will not compile as vanilla C code even though they may have a similar syntax and only minor porting changes would have to be made.

Am I wrong to remove the tag from these posts?


I cannot see how a post can be tagged with both and on Code Review, other than an intentional polyglot.

In terms of and , if a person writes the code in a C style and compiles it with C++ then it is a C++ question, because Answers can then use C++ features as part of the recommendation. If C++ related suggestions are not 'OK' for the question, then it should not be tagged with , and it should not be compiled with C++.

The reverse is also true. Even though people who know C++ may be able to help a -tagged question, then it should still be tagged because it will be compiled with C.

A question writing C++ style and compiled with C is not possible.

A question writing C style and compiled with C++ is possible, but only as a compatibility layer, and is not essentially being compiled as C++

So, a question needs to choose their compiler as part of the tagging, rather than just the style of the code.


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