I think code review is the best thing ever and that I need code review basically daily since I change the code daily. I don't posted too much, only 3 or 4 questions how to clean python and yaml and I'm getting great help. If you want you can inspect my account and warn me if I post things that could be too irrelevant to others or too stupid questions.

I anyway think that code review is the best and I would like to see for example connecting my open source repository to volutary code reviewers that can review my daily or weekly changes and be some "code police" on me. I think it is good with "code police" since I realize I make many mistakes which also can be seen from reading my questions.

So I'm basically asking for a way to subscribe to code review if you know? Is this the best forum?


No, Code Review would not be the best place for that kind of review. The best code for this site, as I see it, is code you consider finished. It works, it's the best you can think of, and you're ready to get it critiqued.

What you are describing is better for a small group of developers that constantly review each other's work. A fair comparison would be an agile team working on the same project: they constantly see all the changes and improve each other's code as they go. I would suggest you try to find a couple of other developers to work with, or join a developer group near you. They can give you the constant sort of feedback you are looking for.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Good point that I shoud not review something I don't really stand for \$\endgroup\$ Sep 27 '11 at 17:50

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