Please post your nominations for the Best of Code Review 2014 - Best Title category.

The question with the best title.

In your nomination post, please make sure to include a link to the revision of the question (from the revision history) that introduced the nominated title, as well as a short explanation of what makes that post worthy of being nominated in this category, and why it should win over the others.

Small characters at the bottom: Only one nomination per post, nominated questions must have a creation date in 2014, downvotes don't count, and Santa reserves the right to award the top-voted nominee a special bounty as a token of appreciation on behalf of the Code Review community. Since this is a question category, the author of the nominated revision must also have an answer on the nominated question, to qualify for a prize - note that a revision can be nominated regardless of whether or not the revision's author has an answer on that question.

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Regularity in the “Rusty Towel of Mutual understanding”

Author: Rolfl (revision 3) | answered

This question also went to the Hot Network Questions and into the weekly CR newsletter the week it was posted. I think this was a great title because it's not only eye-catching and intriguing, it actually - believe it or not - says exactly what the post is about, and what the OP's main concern is. We need more titles like this!

KISS my... unit of work

Author: Mat's Mug (OP)

This question went to the Hot Network Questions and into the weekly CR newsletter the week it was posted. I think it was a great title because there's a touch of humor, and it still conveys what the post is about and what the OP's main concern is.

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    Beat me to it. That's okay. There's another one of yours I had in mind. – RubberDuck Dec 31 '14 at 19:57

Aliens at the train

Author: pimgd
Revision 8

it has more than 2k of views and had been in the hot networkquestions too.

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    It should be noted that this question started off as off-topic - it was edited by a bunch of CR regulars, got reopened, and ended up as a hot network question. The title certainly played a major part in that question's success. Well done @pimgd! – Mathieu Guindon Jan 1 '15 at 2:18

Enter the Matrix

Original Poster: BlackHawk

Title Author (Revision 3): Mat's Mug | answered

Because... ya know... puns.

Who's in the fellowship? When are Frodo, and the rest of the gang, together

Original Poster: rolfl

In the Spirit of The Hobbit: BoFA... (also, when I saw this on the Hot Questions list, I thought it was from the movies/TV SE site...)

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    I have to say, this one undoubtedly wins the "most creative fizzbuzz implementation" category! – Mathieu Guindon Jan 2 '15 at 5:41

Everyone loves Fibonacci

Author: Rubberduck

This one has to be be nominated in the Best Question Title category! – Mat's Mug Jun 20 at 11:36

We'll be counting stars

Author: Simon André Forsberg

This one was unfortunately forgotten. But it's a great example of a good CR title.

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