I'm not sure why a is needed when there's already a tag. Personally, I think we should just burninate it and add the tag to all the questions tagged with it that don't already have the tag. I just don't think that we need specific tags for genres of games, when a tag suffices.


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No, do not burninate

We do need specific tags for games. See Game tag - When to create own tag for games?

Some genres of games, are popular enough that they do deserve their own tag.

For example, I am a huge fan of , having asked several questions about it and having spent countless hours analyzing the game, I am definitely interested in that tag.

Now, what does and share with each other? Honestly, not that much. The tag is a bit too unspecific. The only 'problem' with the game tags is to have tags that are specific enough, but still un-specific enough to contain a bunch of questions. I find to be a very good balance here.

If you think about the world outside Code Review (yes, there is one, or so I've heard at least), Role Playing Games (or RPGs) is a quite specific genre. It definitely deserves its own tag.


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