I am an auditor and I would love some feedback on a script I wrote some time back using the Audit Command Language - ACL.

Is such application specific languages on topic here?


In my experience ACL does have back-end scripting capabilities and the language is significantly different than (for instance) VBA. And VBA is application specific too.

I would say it's on-topic, but it might not have too many reviewers as I don't know how many users would have access to it or experience with it. That being said, it's simple enough to review the logic and find documentation, so I don't think that it would go unanswered.

I gave it a shot at my last auditing job and it was too unlike VBA for me, so I stuck to VBA considering excel handles over 1 million records, albeit not as well as ACL. There's also an (free) excel ACL Add-in that I've messed around with and it deals with excel functions which have been deemed on-topic previously.

And as linked by Martin R in the comments, Lisp-like DSL code review is domain specific and on-topic.

That being said, there may be some confusion with ACL also being a (more relevant here) acronym for Access Control Lists.


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