Ivo Wetzel has listed in detail a great set of prerequisites for migrating SO questions over here. Migration is a win-win situation, so we should invest some energy in bringing good on-topic questions to Code Review.

While there are a lot of candidates waiting to be discovered, some have already been tagged for us:

Taking a look at code-reviews at Programmers would also be interesting. I think it'd be better if we only add to discussions there and avoid trying to migrate questions.

I suggest that we use this question to list candidates for migration, and maybe review all questions tagged review as a first step. If we can find questions on-topic for this site that have been closed, even better.

If you want to add or remove tags from the list above, say it in comments. Any new questions you can open to discuss scope based on this discussion would help us work things out.

Feel free to answer with single questions or lists, this is all going to be a wiki anyway.