Here's the scenario:

I have posted a question on Code Review and received feedback (but not a refactored code). I improve my code based on the advice I was given in this question and added new features (e.g. code handles more cases).

I would love to have this new code reviewed for me, so my question is:

Should I:

  1. Edit my initial question by appending the code in

  2. Answer my initial question with this new code so I can get another answer

  3. Post a brand new question: with a "this is version two of my code seen here"

It seems 1. is against the site's guidelines because a question's code should never be altered, does adding new code (another version) later counts as so? 2. doesn't seem very natural: even if I'm, in a way, providing an answer to my code with a refactored/expanded version I don't know If this is actually an answer.

This leaves me with 3. What should I do? Am I allowed to post my code on every some of my code revisions to get some feedback?



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