I have a template for some infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation that I'd like reviewed. However, I'm not sure if it's on-topic here; it's YAML that's describing infrastructure, not a program per se. Would this be ok to post here?

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  • I would find this easier to discuss with an example. Note that the question @rolfl linked distinguishes between Samba config and a .htaccess file. So the question then becomes whether this template is more like configuration or a .htaccess file. But how do we evaluate that without an example? Is YAML code? I am far more confident of my ability to say whether something is code if I see it rather than just have its potential described. I am confident that mod_rewrite rules are code. Port mappings? Not so much. – mdfst13 Oct 21 at 18:12
  • I can put up an example later, but from the comments, it's probably not on- topic. What I'm really looking for is whether my infrastructure is properly set up, which would be more of a Server Fault thing; I'm not so much worried about whether the bits of logic in the template work. – DylanSp Oct 21 at 18:16

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