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Checklist for how to write a good Code Review question

Many questions of new users lack some parts or common style of the site. There already are some meta questions that aggregate tips on this issue but letting new users walk through all of them is ...
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Is it okay to add someone else's linked code to the question?

Some questions link to the code they want reviewed, which is against site policy. Should one edit the code into the question in these cases? The problem I see is that all content on Stack Exchange ...
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Can we ask reviewers to *not* focus on something?

Our Help Center says: Do I want feedback about any or all facets of the code? However, sometimes we might have some code that we are aware has flaws in it, or we would just for one reason or ...
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Reviewing "design"

It has been said in various comments that on Code Review we review code and not design. I find this statement not very clear though. Obviously, if someone has an UML and not any written code, that's ...
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Reviews of code not stored here

This question is inspired by a question I just saw: Review website done after one week of learning HTML and CSS How do we want to handle these issues? We wanted to avoid pastebins since having the ...
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Should be focus on solving OPs problem or more general analysis

I couldn't come up with a better title so bear with me. Preface (please read): The private beta is slowly coming to an end so i'd like to have discuss a little about that topic since onces public ...
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Do we need to strictly follow posed poster requirements when reviewing?

When answering questions, the asker of the question from time to time either explicitly or implicitly adds some constraints to the question. Common constraints are: We are bound to Java version x. ...
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Character limit on Code Review

I understand why a character limit is imposed on question lengths on most Stack Exchange websites, but I take issue with the fact that there is a 30,000 character limit on the Code Review website. ...
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Is Code Review an appropriate place to get feedback on a library?

Most of the posts I see on Code Review involve short code sniplets. Is it appropriate to elicit feedback on an entire (albeit small) library? Specific example: I've quietly developed this over the ...
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Is it okay to give a review without actually answering some of the OP's requests?

I sometimes find questions that look interesting, or badly need a review, but sometimes the OP requests certain things to be reviewed, like "algorithm correctness", or "performance help". Sometimes I ...
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Does improving scalability and mentioning the improvement count as sufficient justification?

A recent VB.NET AES File Encryption answer was posted with, mostly, the following text: I'm enclosing a program I wrote to help you along the way. It is very effective and will encrypt whatever you ...
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