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Frequently Posted Comments

On Code Review we often encounter questions with the same kind of problem over and over again. Some of us are using the auto comments script which allows you to maintain a list of comments to post. ...
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For an iterative review, is it okay to edit my own question to include revised code?

Is it okay to edit the question to include the improved code? I would like to do so for the following reasons: To share the improved code with others To show the answering persons that I take their ...
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How is Code Review doing right now?

I’m Grace Note, a Community Manager at Stack Exchange. Normally for most sites we run a community site evaluation, as explained in this Meta Stack Overflow post under Public Beta sites. However, these ...
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Let's draft better Help Center pages!

To follow up on Help spot deficiencies in our Help Center, let's collaboratively draft better Help Center pages. For each Help Center page to be modified, post a Community Wiki "answer" containing ...
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What are the correct actions to take when there is a 'bad' answer?

When there is an answer you feel is 'bad', what are the correct actions to take? For example, the question: Similar methods using loops has an answer: If you always use both functions together ...
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Jack of All Trades, Master of None - Let's work together to offer ultimately better content, faster

Nhgrif pointed out a great idea: Teamwork "I think it's probably best if the question instead has several good answers that each address a specific topic. The result will be that no single ...
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What to do if the asker's code contains bugs?

Based on this question: WPF Calculator Code The question's code... works, according to the author. However, I quickly spotted multiple bugs. I know that Code Review is not there for fixing bugs. A ...
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Where is the "spam line" drawn in the sand?

An answer from a prominent member of the coding community does very little to answer the question it was posted on. The question is laid out almost with bullets where each point says follow the link. ...
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Checklist or general directions on how to write a good CR-ish answer

This question is intended to be the counterpart of Checklist for how to write a good Code Review question. Getting started with Code Review: New users often seem to have problems to understand, what ...
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Should code block(s) as answers always require an explanation?

Here is a great example of this. Granted, that was that user's first post, but this is still common. UPDATE: That example has since been updated, so consult the original version. This type of ...
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Should we encourage deliberately incomplete answers?

Let's say you have 5 ideas to criticize in a question. I see some advantages in including only 3 of them in your answer: Other answerers will have more things to say, making it easier to join in: ...
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What about questions which demands expert opinion and design feedback

This has been an issue here since a long time and I see a lot of people just to get brownie points jump in and copy paste the answers which can be as generic as possible for example: Use linter Bad ...
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Revising the "insufficient explanation" post notice

On Code Review, "code dump" answers are not allowed. When an answer contains just code, moderators will often put the following warning notice on it: We're looking for long answers that provide ...
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Answering Guidelines (answer length)

From Grace Note's CR review (emphasis mine): Time to Answer Jon Ericson, another Community Manager, ran some numbers on the site and discovered that the average time it takes for a question to ...
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Do we even need to keep following [meta-tag:site-policy]?

I recently stumbled across site-policy. The tag has: 77 questions of which 10 are tagged faq and of which 11 are tagged specific-question no tag wiki the following tag excerpt: This tag is for ...
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