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Codereview building blocks [duplicate]

There are some unfortunate habits most beginners — and even some experienced! — programmers make. For example, in Python it is common to not know about PEP8 ...
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Posting very simple questions as exemplars [duplicate]

I noticed a couple things that have been pointed out repeatedly. Having an exemplar of that single issue (not a bunch of issues in a long piece of code) can be pointed back to along with a simple ...
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How do we feel about canonical post for repeat review concepts? [duplicate]

I had started to write a question where I felt I was just going to repeat myself in reviews. Well I've been in the city since I was two and I certainly wouldn't say that I was stuck in a rut... stuck ...
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The race has started. Are you running?

PCG.SE is going on a mission. And so the race begins. For Code Review!! -- syb0rg 2 days ago Let's see: Programming Puzzles and Code Golf Voting & Activity PCG.SE Voting and ...
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Handling things that seemingly *every* new writer of a language gets wrong

I've noticed that, for whatever reason, seemingly every new user of Clojure tries to use def to create local variables. I've noticed it here, and on Stack Overflow, ...
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Python - Common Improvements [closed]

What are the most common improvements of Python code you've applied or seen applied (to you or someone else) here on codereview?
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Frequently posted documentation - a new zombie weapon?

Background The number of zombies have been on the rise. Lately we have almost stopped their growth, however they are still great in numbers. There has been built many great weapons to combat this, ...
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How do I make my code more readable?

I've often come across the same kind of question: - How do I make my code more readable? - How can I improve my code? And usually the answers are similar - regardless of language or problem. That's ...
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Should tag wikis contain frequently suggested style points?

Over in rust, there are a set of style points that come up in almost every review of substance. I've found myself becoming more and more terse when raising those issues, which is ultimately a ...
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Can we leverage tag info usage for Code Review?

I just checked the tag info for c++, which is basically a copy of the C++ tag info from Stack Overflow. I though that was a bit of a waste. Have we had any thoughts about using this specifically for ...
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General guidelines for language references

This question is a follow-up to Create a reference for newbie common mistakes. I'm trying to understand/outline how these language references should look like. What do you think should be put in ...
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