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Why was my conclusion edited out? [duplicate]

This question had a conclusion that I added after testing all of the submitted answers and updating to a newer compiler. This conclusion had information that can't be found in the actual answers. The ...
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How can I post updates/implementation of changes after a code review? [duplicate]

I have asked for a code review in a post and received nice feedback. I would now like to implement the suggestions, and possibly get new feedback ("Yes, that was the problem, good fix" or "No, dude, ...
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How many questions with same script can I ask, if code not only merged reviews but adds new functionality [duplicate]

How many questions with same script can I ask, if code not only merged reviews but adds new functionality? Can I submit part of code(fully working part with new code) together with full code or ...
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Could Code Review also serve as a code repository? [duplicate]

The main purpose of Code Review is for asking questions and providing answers. But can we also use Code Review as a code repository because it will provide more search engine visibility. I have ...
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Code in a question was changed after getting suggestions via answers and/or comments? [duplicate]

Today, I saw a question that asked to review the OP's code. On reading the answers, I found that they repeat or just explain the things seen in the code and say: You can use xxx instead of yyy ...
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Do I edit my question based on answers? [duplicate]

A very simple question, but I haven't seen whether this is acceptable behaviour here. I do see mention of 'iterative' code reviews, which I assume refers to "post, receive answer(s), edit, answers ...
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Authors 'final result' post showing the 'final result' after the answer/corrections/suggestions [duplicate]

The case: Somebody posts code for review then follows up with all the analysis and some of the answers is accepted. The suggestion: Some kind of finalization post by the dev who is asking the ...
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How can I ask for a review of the same item after making an update? [duplicate]

Suppose, I submit a code for review, and some reviewers suggest some corrections. Suppose I then want to update my code and show it to the same reviewers. How should I do it? Should I edit my ...
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Is it appropriate to post a question about code which has already been reviewed? [duplicate]

I posted some code. Code Reviewers left me some great suggestions and helped me to drastically improve my code. Is it appropriate to repost the updated code to get some additional feedback?
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If I want to re-review, should I open new question or edit old one? [duplicate]

I have a question here: Tic Tac Toe game in Haskell I have followed the advices and edited the code, now I want a review for new version of the code. It is doing the essentially same thing, but it ...
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I have an improved version of the code of this session, what should I do? [duplicate]

I published this session which already has an answer but I have a significantly improved version of that code which it is important for me to share. Is it okay to publish another question?
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Ok to repost code after incorporating suggestions? [duplicate]

If I've had a piece of code reviewed here, what's the consensus about posting the update for another review? Also, assuming it's ok, should it be an edit to the existing question, or a new post? (...
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What would you say is the biggest problem Code Review is facing as a site as of June 2015?

Hopefully, by raising concerns, we may generate some ideas for improving the site!
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Frequently Posted Comments

On Code Review we often encounter questions with the same kind of problem over and over again. Some of us are using the auto comments script which allows you to maintain a list of comments to post. ...
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How to get the best value out of Code Review - Asking Questions

I have a project I am working on, and I would like some, or all of it reviewed, how can I ask for this review on Code Review in a way that produces the best possible value? This is not about a ...

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