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Can I post Excel formulas for review here? [duplicate]

I want to get a review on some Excel (Non-VBA) data validation formulas I have applied to some columns in a spreadsheet. Is this acceptable? I feel like it will get closed on SO because I'm really ...
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Do one-liners and other narrowed-down code qualify for a code review?

Every once in a blue moon, a question gets posted (often as a new user's first post) where the OP is asking a quite specific question about very minimalistic code, for example: ...
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Questions should include a description of what the code does

Related: What criteria do you use to upvote a question? What makes a good question? I feel that it is currently too easy to copy some code that you have written and put it up for review here on Code ...
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"Code not yet written" clarification: Are unimplemented interfaces on- or off-topic?

I would like to know what exactly it means. The reason for asking is my question which was recently put on hold: Can ...
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Is pseudo-code alright when asking about performance?

The FAQ states: Is it actual code from a project rather then pseudo-code or example code? But oftentimes pseudo-code is a lot more straight forward and easy to evaluate. It also applies to a ...
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Can we answer these Javascript/CSS3 performance questions?

I've seen that lately the amount of questions regarding performance issues when using Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, etc. has increased. Question is: Can we actually review them? I'm edging towards no, ...
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Are application specific scripting languages on topic for this site?

I am an auditor and I would love some feedback on a script I wrote some time back using the Audit Command Language - ACL. Is such application specific languages on topic here?
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Can we have a guide to wonderland? (includes v1)

Request Can we have a 'guide to wonderland' meta. 'Wonderland' is all our rules which mostly consists of lots of different rabbit holes. Rationale When I started on Code Review I spent a good ...
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Non-code formula spreadsheet

From what I can tell this site is mainly (not sure about solely) for the use of reviewing CODE. I am wondering if it will also review code-free spreadsheets for potentially better formulas, or layout ...
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Unifying "Is {language} on-topic?" questions under one tag scheme

Please can we unify all "is {language} on-topic?" questions to one tag scheme. Since there are, with my counting at least, 35 such questions if we were to make this a tag then it would have more ...
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