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What was wrong with my question? [duplicate]

My question eLearning webapp made with Django was recently closed for: Authorship of code: Since Code Review is a community where programmers improve their skills through peer review, we require that ...
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Is it ok to ask here how code works? [duplicate]

I have a working piece of code without any documentation and explanation, but I don't understand how it works. Can I ask such questions or not?
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Frequently Posted Comments

On Code Review we often encounter questions with the same kind of problem over and over again. Some of us are using the auto comments script which allows you to maintain a list of comments to post. ...
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Can I put my code on a third party site and link to the site in my question?

Is it OK if I write a question and include a link to GitHub/Pastebin/other similar site instead of putting the code here on Code Review?
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Why is only my own written code on-topic?

I tend to disagree with point #2 on the Help Center: Did I write that code? I believe any code, written by one self or anyone else should be eligible for code review. Many a times, you're ...
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How should we revise the standard off-topic reasons, if we can have up to five?

Note: For chat-like discussions of this subject, let's use this Discuss Close Reasons chat room Code Review currently has three standard off-topic reasons: Questions containing broken code or asking ...
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Let's draft better Help Center pages!

To follow up on Help spot deficiencies in our Help Center, let's collaboratively draft better Help Center pages. For each Help Center page to be modified, post a Community Wiki "answer" containing ...
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Why is hypothetical example code off-topic for Code Review?

As stated in the Help Center, one of the criteria for a question to be on topic is: Is it actual code from a project rather than pseudo-code or hypothetical code? Details matter! In order to give ...
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Are questions with undiscovered bugs allowed?

Re: Connect 4 in C++ Situation: The OP, a beginner posted code with several bugs in it. They said they thought the code worked okay, because they hadn't discovered the bugs during their testing, ...
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Asking questions - including full code

In my first CR question, I was looking for feedback about my implementation of a graph data structure and an algorithm for depth first traversal, as I am studying these at the moment. Although I ...
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Is asking for a review of boiler plate for a minimal repro okay?

For asking and answering questions on Stack Overflow with certain frameworks and libraries I have boilerplate lying around for a minimal repro. I would be interested in getting feedback on my WCF ...
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How should we deal with askers fixing off-topic questions when an answer has been posted?

I did a quick search to see if this has been asked, but it didn't seem to be. The intent behind this question is from how this question was handled, but is not limited to it. The situation is an ...
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What to do with bitter disappointment?

put on hold as off-topic by 200_success♦ 15 mins ago This question appears to be off-topic for this site. While what’s on- and off-topic is not always intuitive, you can learn more about it by ...
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Can I have a question "series" for a major project?

I'm about to start my senior computer science project, which involves a web REST API (Rails or Node.js) as well as an Android app. I don't imagine that I'll have a ton of questions, but there could be ...
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Should there be evidence for a provided reason when a question is put on hold?

It is easy to say about code that it is written by someone else. It is fine if it is based on concrete facts by providing a link to that code of which they think that it is written by someone else. It ...
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