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Code Review SE is graduating!

Many of you have already seen announcements both on main and on meta announcing this site's graduation. At the request of a few of you who were skeptical (or perhaps merely in shocked disbelief), I'm ...
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What would Clippy say?

We have a question closure rate of ~30%. That's a significant burden on moderators and users who help triage the questions. While some questions can indeed be very difficult to triage, there are ...
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Tracking Graduation Progress

Moderator Note: This question has been identified a number of times as being a candidate for migration to Meta.SE - the main meta site. This question is really about tracking Code Review's ...
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For an iterative review, is it okay to edit my own question to include revised code?

Is it okay to edit the question to include the improved code? I would like to do so for the following reasons: To share the improved code with others To show the answering persons that I take their ...
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Code Review Graduation

I am pleased to announce that effective from September 22, Code Review has graduated! It has taken a bit of time for this announcement to filter through the red tape, so, today was the day we found ...
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Graduation update: it's election season!

I'll start off by addressing the elephant in the room. It's been the better part of a year since the announcement that Code Review was graduating. In all those months, there haven't been any visible ...
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Does Code Review systematically prefer the least important code, and what can we do about it?

There are already a large number of intrinsic hurdles before production code can get reviewed; it can be against company policy, paid developers are likely less open to criticisms and new coders are ...
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How can reviewing be made more efficient?

As suggested by 200_success in a comment to this answer of mine, I'm asking this question. For me, missing tools are the biggest problem of this site. I'd bet that it repels potential reviewers and ...
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Do we even need to keep following [meta-tag:site-policy]?

I recently stumbled across site-policy. The tag has: 77 questions of which 10 are tagged faq and of which 11 are tagged specific-question no tag wiki the following tag excerpt: This tag is for ...
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Multiple answers and unanswerable questions

I have a concern regarding the Code Review site: It seems to me that when a question is posted for code review that there really can be multiple correct answers. In fact, the FAQ states: You ...
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"Please refactor my code" requests

We have a consensus view that questions asking for re-writes of code are off-topic, but we still get a lot of these. Some examples: Making this Pygame code object-oriented Refactor Linq Expression ...
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What you do when valuable info is spread equally in more than one answer? [duplicate]

What is the established criterion for accepting answer, when valuable information is equally spread in multiple answers? I'm having difficult time weighting objectively which answer to accept, as in ...
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How do I create a FAQ or Help page?

An easy way to test certain theories about improving Code Review's demographics would be to run ads on Stack Overflow. I ask because I would like to form an opinion for myself about how hard it is ...
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Can questions request only specific kinds of review guidance? [duplicate]

In other words: if a CR question asks only for performance feedback, or only for OOP structure feedback, etc., is that valid? And would answers providing review feedback on other aspects of the code ...
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