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Frequently Posted Comments

On Code Review we often encounter questions with the same kind of problem over and over again. Some of us are using the auto comments script which allows you to maintain a list of comments to post. ...
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Checklist for how to write a good Code Review question

Many questions of new users lack some parts or common style of the site. There already are some meta questions that aggregate tips on this issue but letting new users walk through all of them is ...
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My question was closed as being off-topic. What are my options?

I can understand that sometimes questions are closed as being too opinionated, too broad, or unclear, but my question was closed as being off-topic. I have read the On-Topic Help Center page for Code ...
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Code Review is getting boring

Boring I find that Code Review is getting pretty boring and unprofessional. The reason why I think this way is that many good questions about real-world problems don't get very much attention. Instead,...
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How should we revisit our standard close reasons?

We have some history, shown below, with our close reasons, there are some problems we have with them. And there has been a consensus to rework them for a while now. The latest I heard about this was ...
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The context of "Lacks concrete context": let's fix it

Early 2018 we changed the close reasons on Code Review. This was necessary, but now almost 2 years later it's perfectly clear there's a growing discontent with one of them: "Lacks concrete ...
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"unclear what you're asking" vs "Lacks concrete context"

Aren't these two close reasons too similar? Since the Lacks concrete context exists I cannot remember using the unclear what you're asking anymore. unclear what you're asking Please clarify your ...
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How can I make my question get more attention?

I have written a question that hasn't gotten an answer in several days, and there's not much activity on my question (votes, views, comments). What can I do to draw more attention to my question?
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Character limit on Code Review

I understand why a character limit is imposed on question lengths on most Stack Exchange websites, but I take issue with the fact that there is a 30,000 character limit on the Code Review website. ...
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Improving a question - when to post a new question

I'm new to the code review site (but not to SE in general). I posted my first question in earnest after reading the "about" page and noting that code must be working. The code I posted worked locally,...