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New Site Design!

As you can see the new design just went live. Congratulations! Thank you for your valuable design feedback. We have also themed the twitter account and newsletter template for this site, and ...
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Congratulations! Code Review is undergoing design-independent graduation!

It's a big day. You've been cleared for graduation by the Stack Exchange Community Team! Code Review has already met our threshold for graduation-worthy sites, and today joins in the new design-...
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The CRonicles: Story of a Stack

Something pretty cool was born earlier today. There was a chat discussion involving new reviewers reviewees, about the site's graduation and the History of Code Review. Mat's Mug: people can read the ...
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Would you like to test design-independent graduation?

It's been over a month since the last graduation update and your new mods are settled in. Time for more news! First, a quick recap. As many of you know, we on the SE team approved Code Review for ...
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Graduation update: it's election season!

I'll start off by addressing the elephant in the room. It's been the better part of a year since the announcement that Code Review was graduating. In all those months, there haven't been any visible ...
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What would you say is the biggest problem Code Review is facing as a site as of June 2015?

Hopefully, by raising concerns, we may generate some ideas for improving the site!
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What ever happened to Code Review "graduating"? [duplicate]

Last September, Meta got the triumphal announcement that "Code Review SE is graduating!". But eight months later, the site still looks and acts very much like a beta site. It even has "Beta" in the ...
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what should our slogan be? [duplicate]

In addition of the logo question I would raise the same question for a slogan. Give in one strong sentence the real meaning of our lovely CR community. One of the things the sentence could contain : ...
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Code Review SE is graduating!

Many of you have already seen announcements both on main and on meta announcing this site's graduation. At the request of a few of you who were skeptical (or perhaps merely in shocked disbelief), I'm ...
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Tracking Graduation Progress

Moderator Note: This question has been identified a number of times as being a candidate for migration to Meta.SE - the main meta site. This question is really about tracking Code Review's ...
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Code Review Graduation

I am pleased to announce that effective from September 22, Code Review has graduated! It has taken a bit of time for this announcement to filter through the red tape, so, today was the day we found ...
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Once upon a time in Stackland

Uh question, why have you folks not graduated yet? - jul 13 at 21:18 by Undo It's been quite a while since the 100 days later update, which was posted around the 100th day after our last site review, ...
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I bet you didn't know about this comment by Jeff Atwood on Code Review's viability

I just stumbled across a comment on Code Review by Jeff Atwood I just stumbled across a comment on Code Review by Jeff Atwood that only 2 people other than me seem to have noticed (and known the ...
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In 2014, how quickly, on average, are questions of popular languages answered on Code Review?

Assuming questions with less popular languages take longer to be answered, I'd assume a decent wait time on reviews for them. What surprised me though, was to see that two up-voted questions I posted ...
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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

I arrive at my workstation, open Code Review and wait there is something weird on the front page. No more Beta after our site name, well that's strange, let me check my privilege, well I can't close ...
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Hi! What brings you here today?

On 2013-11-15, we were given a review about our beta progress. On 2014-04-10, we also got some feedback from Stack Exchange Community Managers @GraceNote and @Pops. One of the concerns that was ...
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The race has started. Are you running?

PCG.SE is going on a mission. And so the race begins. For Code Review!! -- syb0rg 2 days ago Let's see: Programming Puzzles and Code Golf Voting & Activity PCG.SE Voting and ...
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What are the advantages of graduation?

I've seen a lot of activity about graduation recently. What are the (possible) benefits (and disadvantages) of a graduated site?
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100 days later: what's up?

November 15, 2013. 6:30AM UTC. Community Manager Grace Note posted How is Code Review doing right now?. We are 100+ days later. Rewind Since mid-November 2013, a number of things have happened: A ...
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24 answers

Stack Exchange Data Explorer is up. What now, Wonderland?

If you didn't know already, the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) now includes Code Review and all public Stack Exchange beta sites. Bookmark: This ...
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So this is Christmas, and what have we done?

As 2013 comes to an end, I thought it was time that someone other than retailcoder reflected about what has happened around here. Looking back on a regular week in January, 2013, the top user earned ...
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What is the future of this site?

With the recent closure of the site "On Startups" and seeing this site still in Beta I have to ask what is its future? Is it under threat of similar fate? Site “On Startups” is closed - what to do ...
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Answering Guidelines (answer length)

From Grace Note's CR review (emphasis mine): Time to Answer Jon Ericson, another Community Manager, ran some numbers on the site and discovered that the average time it takes for a question to ...
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Call of Duty - We're on a mission

This is a direct reply to Grace Note's recent CR review, more precisely the following part: (emphasis mine) Unanswered Tying in to all of the above is one of the most pressing concerns about ...
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6 answers

How is Code Review doing right now?

I’m Grace Note, a Community Manager at Stack Exchange. Normally for most sites we run a community site evaluation, as explained in this Meta Stack Overflow post under Public Beta sites. However, these ...
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Code Review is in need of a new moderator

I know that we are a beta site, but from the looks of it, they only choose moderator pro-tems 2 weeks into a beta site. I think we need to follow the path set forth for nomination of a new moderator, ...
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1000 days in beta: let's make CR t-shirts

As of 2013-09-05, Area 51 stats for CodeReview are as follows: Days in beta: 960. Questions per day: 19.4. Healthy at 15, need work at 5. Check. Answered Questions: 89%. Healthy at 90%. So we're ...
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Trying to get this website get out of beta

The questions under unanswered contains questions which may or may not have answers. The only common factor in them is that there are no upvoted answers. I was trying to improve the percentage of ...
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Vote Early, Vote Often

Lack of voting has already been identified as an issue that prevents the site from graduating. I'm shamelessly stealing this post from Meta Biblical Hermeneutics, hoping it will inspire all of us to ...
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Why is Code Review still in beta?

Code Review has been in beta for 1041 days, so nearly 3 years (Area 51). I was wondering: why is it still in beta and will it ever graduate? Update: Just graduated... ;)
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6 answers

Is Code Review viable?

After 60 days in beta, Code Review seems to be suffering in three related areas: Low question volume Low count of avid users Insufficient visitors per day In posting a question recently, I find I've ...
32 votes
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Is Code Review useful for external users?

Let me first take Stack Overflow as an example. After collecting a database with thousands of questions and answers, SO can get many redirects from Google whenever somebody asks Google something like '...
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How can we promote our site?

One of the 7 essential meta questions: This is rapidly becoming a hot issue across the entire network: how to promote your site and how to reach out to the experts and pundits in your ...
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What should our logo and site design look like?

What should our logo and site design look like?
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16 answers

What should our FAQ contain?

Just to break the ice with one from the great seven: what should our FAQ contain? (One FAQ suggestion/answer)