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I try to refactor a working code and it's doesn't work. Would adding the failed attempt be on-topic?

Below is my draft: I have a working code to have 2 search bars with dropdown suggestions, selectable by both mouse and arrow keys in TypeScript and Fresh/Preact. In there I have to explicitly declare ...
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Is the Code Review SE the right site for checking if the code of my Arduino project minimizes the risk of overheating as much as possible?

In a project of mine I use temperature sensors and an Arduino to dimm a light bulb to keep a box warm (in a certain temperature range above room temperature). I want others to look at my code if it ...
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Is code "working as intended" if significant portions are hardcoded?

I was looking at the question How to output to an XML file in Python?, and to me it clearly seems to be off-topic, but I wanted some second opinions. In a nutshell, the program takes data from an ...
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Is undefined behavior (for C/C++ code) off-topic here?

This site states that correctness in unanticipated situations is explicitly on-topic here. If you have a working piece of code from your project and are looking for open-ended feedback in the ...
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Are translating questions on topic?

I'm attempting to translate the Matlab code in this answer to Python. I'm halfway done, but I've never really written Matlab code and I'm having trouble finishing the final function. Can I ask for ...
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Are "review and guide me" on topic?

I am writing a pooled memory management. It works to some degree. You can allocate and deallocate but it is missing some crucial parts like avoiding/reducing fragmentation and safety checks. I ...
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Reviewing non-working code when author thinks it's working?

I came across a pretty simple question where the author explicitly states: The function returns the correct output, and all known edge cases have been accounted for. I took this at face value and ...
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Review one-by-one feature?

I am writing a library. It is mostly ready, but there are known bugs and ToDo stuff (including for example missing const specifiers for member functions which do ...
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Is a question on topic if the code works locally but errors when submitted to a coding site? [duplicate]

This is about a recently posted question: Codejam 2018 - Getting confusing runtime error The OP claims it works for him locally, but generates a Runtime Error on the Google Code Jam website itself. ...
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Posting a question where part of the code contains a known bug

There is a particular requirement that has two versions. The first version has proven to be more challenging than the subsequent version to both describe the specification and compose; and also ...
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PSA: Excel going "Not Responding" isn't broken code

Some VBA questions mention the host application (e.g. Excel) is going "not responding" while their macro is running. Is it ok to vote to close these questions as "broken code"?
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Code that handles n% of test cases but not all

I've started noticing recently questions like this one (66%, not well received) or that one (50%, well received) where the author states something like this: I am trying to solve this problem on ...
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Why was my edit to fix an answer rejected, even though it was approved by the author?

I suggested an edit to this answer. The edit came after I suggested the said changes in the comments (with 4 upvotes for the comment) and the author of the post told me it's better if I do it. So I ...
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Are questions with undiscovered bugs allowed?

Re: Connect 4 in C++ Situation: The OP, a beginner posted code with several bugs in it. They said they thought the code worked okay, because they hadn't discovered the bugs during their testing, ...
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"Count maximum number of thieves that can be caught" question should be reopened

The following question was closed as off-topic: The code seems complete to me and the ...
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I think my code might have a bug, but I am not sure if it actually does, is it broken code?

I have some C++ code that I am executing from C# dotnet core 2. In my C++, I am using a third party library. My code builds and runs, but after being executed a few million times (2.5 mil last time) I ...
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"How get all id from the db insert" question closed as "not ready for review"

I just got my question closed How get all id from the db insert Accordingly to message my question isn't on topic because my code doesn't work. But my code does work I just don't want to send so ...
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Made a code-review of broken code, but flagged it as well

I answered this question this morning on code review, mainly because I had the idea there were some things that could be good for a code review, however the code that was given wasn't working as ...
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Why was this question closed as off-topic after a bug was discovered by the answers?

TL;DR Please clarify: is a previously unknown bug a reason to close a question as off-topic? Yesterday I was interested to answer this question, where an already written answer pointed out the ...
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Asking a question to understand why code is broken gets closed

I am trying to understand the compiler's reasoning about a certain implementation involving a default method and an abstract one with this question. If you see the initial version, it explains that a ...
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Can I edit broken code if I'm sure I'm recreating OP's original code?

I know, I know: "Never edit the code, leave it for the review!". But please, hear me out before answering. What should I do if I encounter a code that doesn't work, but I'm 99.99% sure it's because ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Is our "broken" wording broken?

"Questions containing broken code or asking for advice about code not yet written are off-topic, as the code is not ready for review. After the question has been edited to contain working code, ...
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What to do with question with compiler warnings/errors due to copy & paste error

Unfortunately in this question I posted some broken code due a copy-n-paste mistake without realizing. I've contemplated closing it but two answers have picked up on it and they also suggest other ...
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How broken does code have to be to for a question to be closed?

I recently voted to close this question: The longest subsequence with specified difference between min and max Originally I thought the code was really bad because the OP claimed a linear solution, ...
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Working code vs. working program

I have a feeling that our guidances should be worded better. Take this excerpt from the Help Center: To the best of my knowledge, does the code work? I believe this question is incorrect, as seen ...
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The close reason for this question seems vague

Correct User Input - x86 Linux Assembly was closed for being "off topic", but looking at what's on topic, I noticed the likely reason was vaguely stated: To the best of my knowledge, does the code ...
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Close reasons and migrations (and stats?)

One of the close reasons that exists is: Questions containing broken code or asking for advice about code not yet written are off-topic, as the code is not ready for review. Such questions may be ...
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What exactly does it mean for code to be "Working Code"?

Why is it that Code Review's definition of "working code" is so misaligned with so many people's expectations? @rolfl Well, we've had a lot of discussion about broken code on meta, but we ...
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Are code snippets with known memory leaks broken?

As part of our check-list for questions on CodeReview, we require that code is working to the best of the askers knowledge. Does code with a known memory leak qualify is broken per this rule? On the ...
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May another user fix broken code in a question to make it on-topic?

If we find that a question contains obviously broken code, our standard procedure is to close the question, sending the author back to the drawing board. But is it acceptable for another user to edit ...
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OP says it works, the contest engine says it doesn't

What do we do when OP says his solution works, but the contest engine says it doesn't? Should we give it the benefit of the doubt, as "It works to the best of my knowledge.", or close it as broken ...
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Can working code be: off-topic -> not-working?

This question here: Shortest possible way of printing a specific board Summary: The code requirement is to print out a grid of text. The code does in fact print the grid The way it does that, is ...
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What do you do when an answer is upvoted but is broken?

This answer: File Async writer using Tasks or new features of .Net 4.5? The code in the answer doesn't log until program termination -> lost items in the log. You cannot execute parallel code ...
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Should mostly working but a little bit broken code stay or be deleted?

I posted the question Parsing structured text in Java At first I thought it was working, later I have found a bug in the code. Should it stay or should it be deleted? Update: I have fixed the bug in ...
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