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Ceiling and floor of the number of characters you can enter into various slots.

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When making a modification to a program, what do we include in the review?

In this question here I made a modification to a program: Nintendo Nightmare [any%] Speedrun Bot (17:37) Am I required to include the entire program’s source as part of the code to be reviewed? ...
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How should I structure my post if my code is over 400 lines?

My code is around 480 lines and a little over 13,000 characters(12,000 if not counting spaces). It consists almost entirely of headers and implementation files, with a very short main.cpp. Should I ...
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I want a review of my large project, but it doesn't fit in the question

I asked the question Meme (title with picture) exchanger. I don't want to separate it into independent questions because the components altogether form the whole architecture; I think that the entire ...
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Character limit on Code Review

I understand why a character limit is imposed on question lengths on most Stack Exchange websites, but I take issue with the fact that there is a 30,000 character limit on the Code Review website. ...
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How long can code be?

First of all before, I hate the typical "codez plz" homework question. I hope this has nothing to do with that, but it is actually a class assignment. I won't post my code until it is completely ...
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