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Ceiling and floor of the number of characters you can enter into various slots.

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How to provide large code for code review?

What is the way to provide large code for code review at the I do my best cutting the code into pieces which could be reviewed separately as components. I started from ...
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What is the recommended length of the code for review?

I have code that is about 1000 lines long (and growing, as some features are not yet implemented and some edge cases unhandled), so posting it here likely would overwhelm people, even if it would be ...
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When making a modification to a program, what do we include in the review?

In this question here I made a modification to a program: Nintendo Nightmare [any%] Speedrun Bot (17:37) Am I required to include the entire program’s source as part of the code to be reviewed? ...
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How should I structure my post if my code is over 400 lines?

My code is around 480 lines and a little over 13,000 characters(12,000 if not counting spaces). It consists almost entirely of headers and implementation files, with a very short main.cpp. Should I ...
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I want a review of my large project, but it doesn't fit in the question

I asked the question Meme (title with picture) exchanger. I don't want to separate it into independent questions because the components altogether form the whole architecture; I think that the entire ...
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Character limit on Code Review

I understand why a character limit is imposed on question lengths on most Stack Exchange websites, but I take issue with the fact that there is a 30,000 character limit on the Code Review website. ...
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How long can code be?

First of all before, I hate the typical "codez plz" homework question. I hope this has nothing to do with that, but it is actually a class assignment. I won't post my code until it is completely ...
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