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How much modification is needed to be considered authoring the code?

In C++ PEXT/PDEP implementations I believe that significant changes were made. But there was a comment stating that modifying is off topic. As this code is public, then modifications should be ...
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Why was my post closed? Was I too critical of the original author or looking for confirmation bias?

I have a question about my Code Review Stack Exchange post: Is this an appropriate way to use TaskFactory to make asynchronous code synchronous? Which I originally posted on Stack Overflow. My ...
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2 answers

Review a piece of code bought from someone else

In How can I speed up this serialized array generation php script? the OP states, that they "bought one [...] script" from someone else. Since I could not identify if the script in question was also ...
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Small portion of reviewable code isn't mine, but credited

I recently asked this question. I looked around, but it doesn't look like my problem has been asked here: A small (9 SLOC) portion of my code is an equation from a user on Stackoverflow. I credit the ...
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"Who Wrote This?" and What Do We Actually Consider Authorship?

As I was working through the Close Votes Review Queue, I came upon a question beginning like this: I just cloned (Github clone, not literal clone) someone's Tic-Tac-Toe game and I was originally ...
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Asking about code in a pull request to my code base

I want to do something that is a little unusual, but not obviously off-topic. As a result, I thought I'd post here first. I got a pull request into a code base I (professionally) maintain. I'd like ...
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3 answers

Is it okay to ask for feedback on code you modified extensively but aren't the original author of?

There's an init script template I used once a while ago. I've been working on tweaking it to be more POSIX compatible and stylistically easier to follow, but I'm not the sole or primary author. https:...
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2 answers

Posting code that is partially not my own

Say I am learning a programming language through a tutorial. To demonstrate a concept the tutorial provides a program, that is, some working, runnable code (not Code Snippets). Then I encountered an ...
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1 answer

Reviews that depend on 3rd party libraries (i.e. code the OP does not own/maintain)

CR has a strict "we only review code you've written or maintain" policy, which is perfectly reasonable, but how should we treat reviews that rely on 3rd party code (i.e. libraries that aren't part of ...
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2 answers

Should we do away with "someone else's code" wording?

This has recently been brought up that we should improve this off-topic/close reason. While we can agree that this VTC reason is less than ideal (perhaps too broad, should be two separate reasons) ...
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Should we reconsider the code ownership policy?

This question of mine (10k required) was put on hold with the explanation This question does not appear to be a code review request within the scope defined in the help center. Please see the ...
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5 answers

Can we revisit "Did I write that code myself"?

Did I write that code myself? This is one of the six questions the help center recommends users should be able to answer "Yes" to before posting their question. I'm not sure I quite understand ...
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1 answer

What does it take to make code your own?

This question is meant as a general question, but it is also specifically about this specific question: It is ...
35 votes
2 answers

Why is only my own written code on-topic?

I tend to disagree with point #2 on the Help Center: Did I write that code? I believe any code, written by one self or anyone else should be eligible for code review. Many a times, you're ...