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33 votes
13 answers

Let's make More Community Ads!

Back in April we got together and put together a shortlist of community ads that can be posted to other graduated sites. That was a very successful campaign with probably a thousand or two "click ...
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33 votes
5 answers

Let the CR Games begin!

June is about to end. Summer's here (well, if you're in the northern hemisphere, that is.. otherwise, ... yay, winter!), and with it, vacations. We need a new community-challenge. Let's play. I mean, ...
17 votes
2 answers

Code Review Blog - Post One Contest

On Hold SE Community Devs: The short of it is, it's kinda on us to make something that works, and we don't really do that. There isn't any real proper integration between the systems and the ...
26 votes
9 answers

Let's Make Community Ads!

Last I heard, Community Ads were something graduated sites could do... but recently I stumbled upon this meta-PCG post, so here's a shamelessly stolen meta-post :) It's simple: you make an ad, and ...