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For questions about posts, deleted by their owners, through automatic processes, or by moderators.

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Asker deletes question after posting an answer

Yesterday I answered this question. Today when on my profile I noticed my answer was deleted. This was not a DMCA takedown, and so this meta and this one don't help in this situation. This meta, ...
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Removing a question I don't like anymore

I recently posted a question which I think is decent enough, but I have since decided that the code in question is flawed/ has some issues. It is not that the code is buggy or incorrect which would be ...
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The on-hover hint of the Delete button

I have recently noticed that the on-hover hint of the Delete button (at the bottom of posts) is not informative for post owners. The hint states "vote to delete" and does not make any sense, since, ...
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Should I kill my own account?

I have some poorly received posts. Should I kill my account? Should I make all my posts say user227432 with no link?
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Could I please get my question deleted

I would like my question to be deleted. I made a mistake in posting it, it is at Cool text based adventure game
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Overly aggressive moderation on Alloy tag

Alloy is a lightweight formal specification language. Such languages are completely different in style and way of thinking than programming languages. We've been using SO to answer many questions. ...
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