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This is the tag to use for any questions related to deleted answers specifically.

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1 answer

Why is this shown as "Modified" when I don't see anything there? [duplicate]

The question Gameboy emulator in C is showing up on the Top Questions as "Modified 6 hours ago by Sami 1". Clicking on the "modified" word takes me to the question itself, not a ...
2 votes
1 answer

Why delete a lone upvoted answer on a CR question?

I see this post has one deleted answer that has some good advice and received three upvotes. Why was it deleted? My presumption is the user was aiming to earn the disciplined badge but perhaps there ...
6 votes
1 answer

Why was this answer for "Add and Search Word" deleted without any comments?

I'm wondering why a perfectly valid answer with two upvotes for the Add and Search Word question has been deleted? There is no comment explaining this strage action. From a regular user's point of ...
11 votes
1 answer

Asker deletes question after posting an answer

Yesterday I answered this question. Today when on my profile I noticed my answer was deleted. This was not a DMCA takedown, and so this meta and this one don't help in this situation. This meta, ...
6 votes
3 answers

I saw no notification about my answer that was to be deleted

I spotted the deletion only because I forgot to close the browser tab: It's ridiculous that I was not notified that someone saw some issue with my ...
11 votes
6 answers

Should deletion be an option for a low-quality accepted answer?

This question received a code-only low-quality answer that the OP accepted. I had downvoted that answer, because as the moderator note mentions: We're looking for long answers that provide some ...
14 votes
2 answers

Should we un-delete useful answers that were deleted by OP?

This meta is prompted by a specific Q & A, but I'm curious how the community feels about un-deleting useful answers that OP themselves deleted for whatever reason. I think it will be easiest to ...
5 votes
1 answer

Should we undelete this answer?

So, backstory first... Once upon a time there was a new CR user. This user posted a number of spammy answers in a short period of time. All of them linked back to his company's website. Most of them ...