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What makes a good question? [duplicate]

I think it would be a good idea to compile a list of guidelines on how to ask good question. What information should be present, how to structure it, etc.
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Should design questions be on-topic here?

Design questions are ones that deal with architecture, package layout, object hierarchies, etc., but do not necessarily include code. We already deal with this sort of question on a daily basis at ...
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What should our logo and site design look like?

What should our logo and site design look like?
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Homework Questions

We may soon see questions that are really part of somebody's homework. Given that this site is about advice and critique that can go as far as providing complete code alternatives should we be wary ...
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What is the appropriate length of a Code Review question?

While Stack Overflow questions often contain segments of pseudocode or purposely abbreviated code in order to make the question more palatable to other readers, for something like a Code Review, the ...
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Which answer to accept?

I can imagine this situation coming up frequently on this site. What should we do when there are multiple helpful valid answers? Accept the one we think is most helpful? Accept the one that was ...
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Correcting an error vs reviewing code

So there has been a lot of discussion about what purpose a code review will have in this site. Whether or not users should be able to bring a "Help me my code is broken" to this site. So, what does ...
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Are reviews of code in Stack Overflow answers in scope?

Say you spent some time on a code answer to a SO question (example). Is it OK to forward the same code to Code Review or should any comments be left to happen in SO? If it's OK to ask for a review, ...
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Poor man's inline comments: Should we suggest using these?

It just occurred to me that the markup test I had done could look better: Original ...
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Do questions about specific issues belong here or on StackOverflow?

I'm referring to this question specifically. The OP knows the code as-is doesn't work and is looking for the answer to a specific question.
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Should line numbers for code snippets be added?

I recall seeing a request for this in meta SO in the pass, but for various reasons that escape me at the moment, there were no plans to do that. Should this be reconsidered for code review considering ...
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Should one person have multiple answers?

This question came up in regards to my comment on this post. If somebody has two different approaches for reviewing a piece of code, should they combine them into one answer, or have separate answers?...
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2 answers

Should answers include unit tests?

If I'm answering someone's question, instead of saying "your code will fail on input x, y or z", should I provide a unit test snippet?
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3 answers

Shoud this site focus on reviwing peoples code or how to review code

I think that code review, especially peer review, is essential in improving quality, decreasing maintenance costs, etc. So, should this site strive to help people promote this philosophy or merely ...
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Pastebin thoughts

The odds of someone submitting a massive amount of code seems likely on this type of site. Whether or not this is permitted is the first hurdle. If it is permitted, then offloading the code to a ...
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How do we define duplicate questions?

This QA site doesn't quite take the form that others do. Here, we have fairly specific questions. But I already see two Project Euler #1 questions that are similar. Are these duplicates?
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What should our FAQ contain?

Just to break the ice with one from the great seven: what should our FAQ contain? (One FAQ suggestion/answer)

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