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This tag is referring to the process of identifying and closing questions that are duplicates of another question.

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Are 'follow up' questions on the same/similar code allowed?

I had a code that I submitted here for review, and got a review. Good. But the implementation was primitive, and I have since written a new, more refined implementation, but the concept/intended ...
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Is it OK to ask for review on exercise solutions that have been asked previously?

I'm learning Rust and solve the problems/exercises from the book of Rust which have been solved by thousands of learners and posted on here by quite a few. Last time I posted my code I received quite ...
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Can we remove the need for titles to be unique

I came across the following title on the HNQ list. I made a Guess the number game in Python This is a pretty poor title, but the OP isn't to blame for this. As you can see the title almost ...
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How to handle a VTC as duplicate that goes the wrong way around?

I encountered this review today, where a question was to be closed as duplicate of another, older question. However, the dupe target was closed, at -5 and unanswered. The quality was much lower than ...
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Out-dated duplicates definition in Help Center

We recently had a discussion in The 2nd Monitor about a post being closed as a duplicate of this post. I had flagged it based on a Rule I found in the Help Center: This question has been asked before ...
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Can we disable "Questions that may already have your answer?"

If you post a question, Stack Exchange with all their clever AI produces a list under your title called "Questions that may already have your answer". This makes a lot of sense for Stack Overflow, ...
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Where should I explain why I think one question is not a dupe to another?

I first posted question: Allowing switching between operator[] and at() based on NDEBUG Then I posted question: Allowing switching between operator[] and at() based on NDEBUG macro version Someone ...
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Harmless duplicate or are we being taken advantage of?

This question caught my eye because it had accumulated close votes as being a duplicate of another question, which is very rare on CR. The target was a question I reviewed last year by the same user. ...
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Text when questions are marked as duplicate

We close questions as duplicates when the code is too similar (or pretty much identical) to a previous question by the same asker. When marking a question as a duplicate the following text is shown: ...
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13 votes
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Should Code Review's related questions say they "may already have your answer"?

On Stack Overflow itself it makes perfect sense to link to similar questions and say that the user might get better results from searching those results first and can likely find their problem already ...
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Does there exist any conditions for closing iterative review questions as duplicates?

As far as I know, we simply don't close questions as duplicates on Code Review. I think it's even been mentioned that a Code Review duplicate has to be basically an exact copy & paste of the ...
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Is it appropriate to post a question about code which has already been reviewed? [duplicate]

I posted some code. Code Reviewers left me some great suggestions and helped me to drastically improve my code. Is it appropriate to repost the updated code to get some additional feedback?
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Flagging my own question as a duplicate

This meta question is somewhat similar to this other meta question - both about flagging your own posts, though my situation is a bit different and I'm not sure whether the given meta answer is ...
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Duplicated answers for duplicate patterns/subroutines

Question 1 - Answer 1 Question 2 - Answer 2 Question 3 - Answer 3 More duplicates of this pattern from the same user: Iterator for binary tree - pre, in, and post order iterators Isomorphic trees ...
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Flag & close as duplicate not working with Opera

I am trying to flag this post as a duplicate of this one, but I cannot seem to get it to work as the button is greyed out. I tried to enter: ...
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Is it okay to post the same Project Euler solution, using the same language, but with a different implementation?

I have come up with my very own Clojure implementation of the solution for Project Euler #2, but I see that someone already solved this particular problem using Clojure and put it up here for code ...
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Is it time to start broadening the definition of duplicates?

sql-injection is commonly a concern in PHP, and it is a common request to ask when presenting code for a Code Review here. There are only so many ways you can propose a question that relates to SQL ...
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How do we define duplicate questions?

This QA site doesn't quite take the form that others do. Here, we have fairly specific questions. But I already see two Project Euler #1 questions that are similar. Are these duplicates?
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