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Questions tagged [editing]

Editing is a core, fundamental Stack Exchange value; we allow editing by registered and unregistered users (if peer reviewed).

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Would it be possible to have the question closer to the answer field?

I find that when answering a question on Code Review, I'm constantly scrolling to the top of the page, copying some code, scrolling to the bottom, pasting it, then editing it. I do this over and over. ...
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Correct edit rejection

As code edits are reviewed by peers, anyone who has rights to review the edits can approve or reject edits. I suggested this edit and, AFAIK, my edits are correct. But this got rejected. I know this ...
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An 'edit' might have messed up my ability to edit

Someone edited my answer to 'FFT Algorithm', and after that, I am not able to edit the code. Even if I just open it in edit mode, and try saving (without doing any change), it says: code needs 4 ...
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