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The standard editor used to enter Stack Exchange posts, which supports a live preview of Markdown syntax.

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Make the Codeblock detection less aggressive

In this question Small Bayes Calculator to learn Javascript I ended up adding a maths appendix with a bunch of LaTeX. This LaTeX was detected as "code" and I was supposed to indent it by 4 ...
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MathJax is really eager to be applied to posts

When writing a MathJax heavy post I noticed a couple of bugs. For reference, here is an example of how the MathJax should look: $$ a_{i+1} = \begin{cases} \frac{a_i}{2} & \text{if $a_i \% 2 =...
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Stop focusing editor when clicking "run code snippet"

When creating a post that has one or more code snippets and I click "Run code snippet" the page scrolls back to the post's textarea. Since the code snippets are normally at the end of posts, ...
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Non-HTTPS, wrong hostname links in sidebar

The sidebar on links to Visiting this ...
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Warn if question is tagged with [python-3.x] but not [python]

Given that 16/50 of the latest python-3.x questions aren't posted with the python tag,[1] and site policy is to tag with both.[2] Can we move the burden onto the poster to tag properly, rather than ...
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Capitalized i when using ###? [duplicate]

Someone edited my question to change **Some text containing an i** to ### Some text containing an i Which is completely ...
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Dynamic editor width when answering

After answering a few questions on Code Review and Stack Overflow, I noticed that the editor allows you to resize vertically, but not horizontally. The width seems to allow 80 characters. My ...
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Mentioning and linking to other users in posts

I do this kind of thing all the time: In addition to moving these declarations closer to where you use them as @lokiastari said, the initializations are pointless because you overwrite them anyway. ...
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Default code-prettify highlighting for C# is incorrect

Recently I had quite a few edits to include the correct syntax-highlighting for C# questions: <!-- language: lang-csharp --> That's needless editing for a ...
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6 answers

How can I replace tabs with spaces in code?

The code in my post appears to have improper indentation, but the indentation in the editor differs. There is usually a different amount of indentation between the two, which must be so because there ...
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MathJax feature requires external JavaScript for SE’s editor/preview

After MathJax got enabled, the editor buttons (for "Strong", "Emphasis" etc.) are hidden and the preview function does not work anymore … when JavaScript from is blocked (...
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How can I prepare my code so that I can paste it formatted?

If I paste C++ code with many functions/classes (braces), I have to indent all of them, including their content. I've replaced tabs with spaces in my editor, but still no improvements. What's the best ...
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Change the "code" icon in markup editor toolbar?

Since a few weeks Stack Overflow has a new icon in the editor toolbar for code markup. It's a pair of braces (curly brackets) which is much more recognizable than the old [101 010] icon still used ...
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