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22 votes
1 answer

How can I make my question get more attention?

I have written a question that hasn't gotten an answer in several days, and there's not much activity on my question (votes, views, comments). What can I do to draw more attention to my question?
36 votes
1 answer

Welcome to The 2nd Monitor!

So, you have found your way to the Code Review main chat room, The 2nd Monitor, perhaps for one of these reasons: You were invited or "pinged" by a site moderator or other user to discuss a post on ...
214 votes
1 answer

A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users

You're on Stack Overflow and you've found a question that seems to be about improving code. You are trying to be helpful, and you put a comment in the question: You should try asking on CodeReview....
39 votes
5 answers

My question was closed as being off-topic. What are my options?

I can understand that sometimes questions are closed as being too opinionated, too broad, or unclear, but my question was closed as being off-topic. I have read the On-Topic Help Center page for Code ...
80 votes
4 answers

How to get the best value out of Code Review - Asking Questions

I have a project I am working on, and I would like some, or all of it reviewed, how can I ask for this review on Code Review in a way that produces the best possible value? This is not about a ...
18 votes
1 answer

What's on and off topic in The 2nd Monitor chat room?

Exactly what is considered strictly off-topic there? Anyone can assume the obvious: NSFW (Not Safe for Work) are off topic, and should be flagged. Anything else?
16 votes
2 answers

Check list for formatting questions and answers

I have seen that moderators work hard to format questions and answers. Is there a check list they use (specially for CR), so others can also contribute by editing or properly formatting their own ...
64 votes
5 answers

Checklist for how to write a good Code Review question

Many questions of new users lack some parts or common style of the site. There already are some meta questions that aggregate tips on this issue but letting new users walk through all of them is ...
34 votes
1 answer

First Post Review Queue — what is it? Why is it a bad idea to click "No Action Needed"?

When you pass 500 reputation you gain access to the Review Queues. One of them is the "First Post" queue. What is this queue, what purpose does it serve, and how should I process items in that queue?
9 votes
6 answers

How can I replace tabs with spaces in code?

The code in my post appears to have improper indentation, but the indentation in the editor differs. There is usually a different amount of indentation between the two, which must be so because there ...
136 votes
2 answers

For an iterative review, is it okay to edit my own question to include revised code?

Is it okay to edit the question to include the improved code? I would like to do so for the following reasons: To share the improved code with others To show the answering persons that I take their ...
29 votes
4 answers

Why is hypothetical example code off-topic for Code Review?

As stated in the Help Center, one of the criteria for a question to be on topic is: Is it actual code from a project rather than pseudo-code or hypothetical code? Details matter! In order to give ...
24 votes
2 answers

What questions are suitable for migration to Code Review, and how does the process work?

Consider this situation: There is this question on another site which I think would be a good candidate for migration to Code Review. What should I consider before flagging the question, or ...
25 votes
5 answers

Do one-liners and other narrowed-down code qualify for a code review?

Every once in a blue moon, a question gets posted (often as a new user's first post) where the OP is asking a quite specific question about very minimalistic code, for example: ...
12 votes
3 answers

So votes are good for us. How can I find answers/reviews to vote for?

In fall 2013, we went on a mission, and bumped the site's answered% from 88% to 93%. As new questions flow in, the answered% has been remaining steady at 93% for several weeks, we're doing good (...
17 votes
2 answers

How much can an answer be subject to opinion?

I am new to this site, but love reviewing code and having my code reviewed. One thing that is always difficult for me when I'm reviewing code is to determine whether some of the points I'm making ...
9 votes
2 answers

How can I prepare my code so that I can paste it formatted?

If I paste C++ code with many functions/classes (braces), I have to indent all of them, including their content. I've replaced tabs with spaces in my editor, but still no improvements. What's the best ...
46 votes
2 answers

Can I put my code on a third party site and link to the site in my question?

Is it OK if I write a question and include a link to GitHub/Pastebin/other similar site instead of putting the code here on Code Review?
35 votes
2 answers

Why is only my own written code on-topic?

I tend to disagree with point #2 on the Help Center: Did I write that code? I believe any code, written by one self or anyone else should be eligible for code review. Many a times, you're ...
41 votes
1 answer

How to post a follow-up question?

Sometimes I stumble upon follow-up questions, where code is being posted again after having gone through a review (or two). Examples of possible sets of follow up questions: Find missing numbers - ...
19 votes
2 answers

Should code block(s) as answers always require an explanation?

Here is a great example of this. Granted, that was that user's first post, but this is still common. UPDATE: That example has since been updated, so consult the original version. This type of ...
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20 votes
4 answers

What to do with good code?

There are 'Unanswered Questions' that contain good code and do not get closed, because saying 'looks good' is really a comment, not an answer. Example: how-can-this-simple-handler-in-nodejs-be-...
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17 votes
4 answers

Should a post with no specific question(s) imply a general review?

I've started thinking about this more after seeing this question. I'm sometimes tempted to vote such questions as not clear what you're asking, but I also feel that it's not quite needed for this ...
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30 votes
3 answers

Should you edit someone else's code in a question?

I have seen several (suggested) reviews lately, where someone edits the code in the original poster's question. Should such edits be allowed? The edits in question are mostly minor. Some add spaces ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Is it okay to edit part(s) of code not yet reviewed?

In this question of mine, the one answerer so far has only reviewed a part of my code. However, I've made changes on other parts of my code, but I don't want to somehow invalidate that answer. Would ...
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21 votes
3 answers

Is it okay to add someone else's linked code to the question?

Some questions link to the code they want reviewed, which is against site policy. Should one edit the code into the question in these cases? The problem I see is that all content on Stack Exchange ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Does my code example need to be compilable/runnable?

I'm thinking of posting a question here, but am unsure how I should do so. The question is about comparing the performance of a piece of pure Python code vs a hybrid Python/C++ piece of code, glued ...
8 votes
2 answers

Can I ask for a review on a website?

Is this OK or not really? If I develop a website template, CSS/HTML/JS, is it acceptable to post that as a code sample to be reviewed as an external URL?
42 votes
5 answers

Should "your code seems fine" answers be acceptable?

I want to ask your opinion on how we should handle submitted question with code that is "fine". I assume that will be the case for very view of the submitted review requests since everyone likes and ...
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40 votes
5 answers

What is the appropriate length of a Code Review question?

While Stack Overflow questions often contain segments of pseudocode or purposely abbreviated code in order to make the question more palatable to other readers, for something like a Code Review, the ...
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53 votes
3 answers

Which answer to accept?

I can imagine this situation coming up frequently on this site. What should we do when there are multiple helpful valid answers? Accept the one we think is most helpful? Accept the one that was ...
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