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This tag is for questions regarding the process of reviewing improved code over time.

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How many questions with same script can I ask, if code not only merged reviews but adds new functionality [duplicate]

How many questions with same script can I ask, if code not only merged reviews but adds new functionality? Can I submit part of code(fully working part with new code) together with full code or ...
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Iterative platform for Code Review

EDIT: For those unclear on what problem this proposed change aims to address, consider the fundamental nature of code review, or any similar process (novel writing, sketching/drawing, building Rube ...
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I have an improved version of the code of this session, what should I do? [duplicate]

I published this session which already has an answer but I have a significantly improved version of that code which it is important for me to share. Is it okay to publish another question?
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How long should we wait before asking for an iterative review?

In my search for the gory details of the Dos and Don'ts of iterative reviews, I saw that we should always ask another question with our follow-up. However, I haven't found anything about how long we ...
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It it acceptable to ask questions that have arisen from another answer [duplicate]

It it acceptable to ask questions that have arisen from another answer, repeatedly. For example... I post working code and ask to have it reviewed. Someone answers with some suggestions. I re-write ...
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Should I give credits to reviewers when I post revised code?

I was just wondering about the following: I'm pretty new to programming and I use lots of help from people on Code Review. So it happened that I came up with a basic script and while it was reviewed ...
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Could Code Review also serve as a code repository? [duplicate]

The main purpose of Code Review is for asking questions and providing answers. But can we also use Code Review as a code repository because it will provide more search engine visibility. I have ...
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Do I edit my question based on answers? [duplicate]

A very simple question, but I haven't seen whether this is acceptable behaviour here. I do see mention of 'iterative' code reviews, which I assume refers to "post, receive answer(s), edit, answers ...
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Submitting a new version for review [duplicate]

I previously posted a class for review (~2 weeks ago). It received some feedback. I accepted a response. I made changes per the review, then additional changes that were not motivated by the review....
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How can I post updates/implementation of changes after a code review? [duplicate]

I have asked for a code review in a post and received nice feedback. I would now like to implement the suggestions, and possibly get new feedback ("Yes, that was the problem, good fix" or "No, dude, ...
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Is code ever clean enough? - Can there be too many follow-up questions?

Some posts can at times have several follow-up questions, sometimes a couple of follow-up questions on the same day. All this brings us to the question of Can there be too many follow-up questions? ...
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Harmless duplicate or are we being taken advantage of?

This question caught my eye because it had accumulated close votes as being a duplicate of another question, which is very rare on CR. The target was a question I reviewed last year by the same user. ...
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How can I ask for a review of the same item after making an update? [duplicate]

Suppose, I submit a code for review, and some reviewers suggest some corrections. Suppose I then want to update my code and show it to the same reviewers. How should I do it? Should I edit my ...
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Authors 'final result' post showing the 'final result' after the answer/corrections/suggestions [duplicate]

The case: Somebody posts code for review then follows up with all the analysis and some of the answers is accepted. The suggestion: Some kind of finalization post by the dev who is asking the ...
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If I want to re-review, should I open new question or edit old one? [duplicate]

I have a question here: Tic Tac Toe game in Haskell I have followed the advices and edited the code, now I want a review for new version of the code. It is doing the essentially same thing, but it ...
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Does there exist any conditions for closing iterative review questions as duplicates?

As far as I know, we simply don't close questions as duplicates on Code Review. I think it's even been mentioned that a Code Review duplicate has to be basically an exact copy & paste of the ...
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Versioning code and visualizing diffs in code review

Based on the rules for editing code under review, I would like to recommend this feature. The goal of code review is to improve my submitted code, and for others to learn from the improved code - I ...
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Navigating between question-answers parts

Is there any limit to the number of follow up questions one can ask for a certain problem? In a scenario where a user posts questions according to guidelines, then assuming this goes on for about 20 ...
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Asking for comparison of design of two code snippets giving same functionality

I had asked for the review of the part of a jQuery and as per the answer I made changes in the file. Now after making the changes (mainly moving from triggers to functions) I am not so sure whether I ...
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For an iterative review, is it okay to edit my own question to include revised code?

Is it okay to edit the question to include the improved code? I would like to do so for the following reasons: To share the improved code with others To show the answering persons that I take their ...
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How to post a follow-up question?

Sometimes I stumble upon follow-up questions, where code is being posted again after having gone through a review (or two). Examples of possible sets of follow up questions: Find missing numbers - ...
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What is the best way to exchange a dialogue following a code review?

For most SE sites, a simple comment is sufficient to exchange a little additional dialogue about a solution. For code review though, it seems like one question can spawn a huge list of suggested ...
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Editing your own answer

As an example, consider this answer. One of the comments I had on the code posted asked whether a method needed to be public. A comment was posted stating that in this context the method in question ...
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Is asking for code review on a patch file OK?

Most open source projects accept updates via patch files. And any non trivial fix is going to be spread across multiple files and thus take up lots of space in the standard format. Do you think ...
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Can we have collapsible code blocks?

I would like to see collapsible code blocks in questions and answers. This would be useful because sometimes the amount of code posted in a question or answer becomes so large (and necessary) that ...
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