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Questions about the licensing of content on Stack Exchange sites.

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How closely can code on this site be copied into other projects?

I understand that code found on Stack Exchange is under a Creative Commons License. This stipulates that any projects using the code must be shared with same (or compatible) license, and the author ...
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Change the licensing of code in Code Review contributions to GNU GPL

It seems that one of the community's main aversions to changing from the current CC license, to a more permissive MIT license, is the idea that people seem to not want to simply give code away. ...
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Change the licensing of code in Code Review contributions to MIT

One of several problems of having a creative commons (CC) license for code generated on Code Review, is that it is incompatible with major software licenses. Your project would have to either have to ...
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How do I properly give attribution to code found on Code Review?

If I have a project that I uploaded to GitHub and I bring one of the classes to Code Review, how should I go about giving attribution to any improvements I decide to use in my code on GitHub? The ...
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Posting code with different licence [duplicate]

Can I post a question about some of my code that I want to have a different licence under? Say I want someone to review my code but have it posted so that a license covers it for not to be re-used or ...
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How should i mention the licence of my code? [duplicate]

When posting code to be reviewed (for instance code that already has been pushed on a github repo), how should I mention the licence of the code ? I definately can't put the licence notice in the ...
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Should we reconsider the code ownership policy?

This question of mine (10k required) was put on hold with the explanation This question does not appear to be a code review request within the scope defined in the help center. Please see the ...
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Which licenses are compatible with Code Review?

It is should be well known that code posted to Code Review are licensed under CC-BY-SA. I am wondering: Are there any licenses that are compatible with this licensing? Is it possible to use one ...
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Under CC BY-SA 3.0, will SE give me the source code if I wanted to imitate the Code Review beta for in-house purposes?

I was wondering, since the license aligns with being able to use the layout / design, as long as credit is given, if I would be able to see the source code of how to program the question/coding format....
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Can I put my code on a third party site and link to the site in my question?

Is it OK if I write a question and include a link to GitHub/Pastebin/other similar site instead of putting the code here on Code Review?
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Why is only my own written code on-topic?

I tend to disagree with point #2 on the Help Center: Did I write that code? I believe any code, written by one self or anyone else should be eligible for code review. Many a times, you're ...
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Copyrighted code with copyright notice

This question has code based on copyrighted code, and the copyright is still in the provided code: ...
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Suggested edit breaks license due to pastebin

I am not a lawyer. I am reviewing a suggested edit where a user created a jsFiddle from the code in someone elses question. I believe this breaches the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license that the code in the ...
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Put into FAQ: "Will submitted code be licensed under the copyleft CC-BY-SA?"

Put into FAQ: Will submitted code be licensed under the copyleft Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) license? I really want to know this! Since the CC-BY-SA is a copyleft, viral ...
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