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This is for questions about low quality questions and answers that appear in the Low Quality Posts review queue.

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What about questions which demands expert opinion and design feedback

This has been an issue here since a long time and I see a lot of people just to get brownie points jump in and copy paste the answers which can be as generic as possible for example: Use linter Bad ...
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Code Review Clippy

A while back, y'all asked for some warnings for folks asking questions here: What would Clippy say? After thorough review (mostly by animuson & JNat), we've determined that the following warnings ...
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How much research effort is expected when posting a Code Review question?

On Stack Overflow, the community consensus for research before asking is: A lot. An absurd amount. More than you think you are capable of. In fact, asking a question on Stack Overflow is the ...
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What would Clippy say?

We have a question closure rate of ~30%. That's a significant burden on moderators and users who help triage the questions. While some questions can indeed be very difficult to triage, there are ...
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Revising the "insufficient explanation" post notice

On Code Review, "code dump" answers are not allowed. When an answer contains just code, moderators will often put the following warning notice on it: We're looking for long answers that provide ...
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Renaming the "I'm having this problem too" Low Quality flag reason

When voting on the Low Quality Queue, you can see this deletion reason:: This is more of a reason suited to Stack Overflow. Perhaps we could change it?
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Is the automatic low quality answer comment unfit for Code Review?

This is the comment made on my behalf when I recommended deletion on an answer in the VLQ queue: This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author,...
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Should deletion be an option for a low-quality accepted answer?

This question received a code-only low-quality answer that the OP accepted. I had downvoted that answer, because as the moderator note mentions: We're looking for long answers that provide some ...
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How did downvotes suddenly put these old answers into the Low Quality queue?

This answer and this answer (both are now-deleted "looks good" answers with no detail), posted some years ago, were recently put into the Low Quality queue after receiving downvotes. According to the ...
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