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Markdown is a lightweight, plain-text, markup language. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (Questions, answers, wikis, chat).

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Table incorrectly marked as Incorrectly formatted code

I have a simplistic table I posted on Code Review. Obviously, If it is marked as unformatted code, then I can only post an image here. I will attempt to post it here, and include a meta-screenshot. I ...
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Code following bulleted list not formatting

I encountered this bug a few minutes ago, and decided to bring it up here. It happens when both asking and answering a question. Steps to reproduce 1. Create bulleted list with a couple/few items. I ...
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Fenced code blocks don't close properly at the end of a post

The new feature, GitHub (tilde) code blocks, from Implement ```-style (fenced) Markdown code blocks is a great addition, but there is a small bug which bizarrely only appears on Code Review & Code ...
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How should question bodies be organized?

The format that I know for question bodies is: Intro, often explaining where the problem originated. A problem statement explaining what the code is supposed to do. Perhaps a little more ...
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Should complexity formatted as code be updated to use MathJax?

I saw a post that mentions algorithmic complexity and formats such complexity values using inline code spans (e.g. O(n)). Should that post be updated to use MathJax ...
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Error about improperly formatted code appears when attempting to format LaTeX as math

In an answer, I tried to post the following math: ...
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Code block is required, but the programming language is purely graphical

Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. There is no code in my post, only text and links. Here is a link to my question: Limit Drive Starts with Function Block ...
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Can I edit parts of the code blocks that aren't part of the code itself?

First off, this question is related to several other meta posts, but as far as I can tell none of the questions cover it. First a list of similar questions and why they are different: Is it ...
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Capitalized i when using ###? [duplicate]

Someone edited my question to change **Some text containing an i** to ### Some text containing an i Which is completely ...
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Why didn't this format correctly in a comment?

I commented on a person's question with the following markup: have a single-bit mask that increments using `i <<= 1`, e.g. `for(i = 1; i < 1 << 16; i <<= 1)`... but ...
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Discouraging gigantic headers in answers?

-~- Your Yearly Airing Of The Grievances -~- A lot of answers follow the template of: Avoid X Description of why X is bad Do Y Description of why Y is good and better than what OP ...
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Double dollar sign in code breaks indentation [duplicate]

For example, if I have Markdown like: $$ $$ Then both lines should have the same indentation (zero), but they don't. It renders as: $$ $$ I suspect ...
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How can I format a code block below a list?

When I want to list a few things and give a code example below each item how can I do it without writing anything between the list item and the code block? Example: List item Code example not ...
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How can I post code within spoiler markdown?

In a recent answer on a recent question there was code written within a spoiler. I edited the post a bit to format the markdown better, but I ended up with something that just looks... horrible... ...
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MathJax breaks my indentation

Seems like there is a bug, that breaks my indentation. See In third code section of Create New C++ Class In first code section of Code Generator Generator multiple times in the code section of ...
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Are questions to review markdown on-topic?

Markdown itself is almost a (very) small subset of HTML, which is rendered as such. We use markdown on many places, including on the whole Stack Exchange network and Github. Sometimes, it is a good ...
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undocumented effects of indentation on sub-lists

What's the actual rule for sub-list nesting? The documented rules say to indent this sublist entry by 4 spaces, but any indentation from 1 to 7 SEEMS to work. Code block formatting works as ...
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Change the "code" icon in markup editor toolbar?

Since a few weeks Stack Overflow has a new icon in the editor toolbar for code markup. It's a pair of braces (curly brackets) which is much more recognizable than the old [101 010] icon still used ...
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