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MathJax is a JavaScript engine for displaying mathematics, available on some Stack Exchange sites.

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MathJax on CodeReview

Several times I had the need to write mathematical formulas in my answers on CodeReview.SE. Sometimes, this can be simulated by sup and/or ...
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MathJax breaks my indentation

Seems like there is a bug, that breaks my indentation. See In third code section of Create New C++ Class In first code section of Code Generator Generator multiple times in the code section of ...
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10 votes
3 answers

What interesting uses of MathJax are there, other than mathematical typesetting?

What interesting uses of MathJax are there, other than mathematical typesetting, that might be useful for Code Review?
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The MathJax newline \\ is broken in tag wikis

In an attempt to edit the tag wiki of collatz-sequence I noticed the following strange behaviour. The conjecture is often stated as a definition by cases and even serves as an example for that ...
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MathJax feature requires external JavaScript for SE’s editor/preview

After MathJax got enabled, the editor buttons (for "Strong", "Emphasis" etc.) are hidden and the preview function does not work anymore … when JavaScript from is blocked (...
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