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MathJax is a JavaScript engine for displaying mathematics, available on some Stack Exchange sites.

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MathJax on CodeReview

Several times I had the need to write mathematical formulas in my answers on CodeReview.SE. Sometimes, this can be simulated by sup and/or ...
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Fenced code blocks don't close properly at the end of a post

The new feature, GitHub (tilde) code blocks, from Implement ```-style (fenced) Markdown code blocks is a great addition, but there is a small bug which bizarrely only appears on Code Review & Code ...
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MathJax breaks my indentation

Seems like there is a bug, that breaks my indentation. See In third code section of Create New C++ Class In first code section of Code Generator Generator multiple times in the code section of ...
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How do I draw box-and-pointer diagrams?

How do I draw box-and-pointer diagrams? For example, I'd like to illustrate what happens when you manipulate nodes in a linked list. Can I use MathJax?
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What interesting uses of MathJax are there, other than mathematical typesetting?

What interesting uses of MathJax are there, other than mathematical typesetting, that might be useful for Code Review?
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Does \renewcommand in MathJax affect other user's posts?

In MathJax, does \$\renewcommand\LaTeX{\textbf{u got hax'd}}\$ affect other people's posts? This is it being used in this post. Definition: \$\renewcommand\...
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Error about improperly formatted code appears when attempting to format LaTeX as math

In an answer, I tried to post the following math: ...
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The MathJax newline \\ is broken in tag wikis

In an attempt to edit the tag wiki of collatz-sequence I noticed the following strange behaviour. The conjecture is often stated as a definition by cases and even serves as an example for that ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Mathjax formatting missing in rendered output of suggested edit

While reviewing a suggested edit, I observed that the Mathjax formatting was not respected in the rendered output view (see screenshot below). Shouldn't the Mathjax formatting be displayed like it ...
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2 answers

MathJax is really eager to be applied to posts

When writing a MathJax heavy post I noticed a couple of bugs. For reference, here is an example of how the MathJax should look: $$ a_{i+1} = \begin{cases} \frac{a_i}{2} & \text{if $a_i \% 2 =...
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Consider changes to the font used for MathJax and bolded text

As the following image shows the font size of mathematical text and bolded text are larger than the ordinary text, at least in my browser (Chrome v47 on Mac osX): The image is snapped from this ...
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Low-rep users cannot submit posts with MathJax display-style equations

I recently posted a question that is meant to have the following block of display-style MathJax at the top. ...
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MathJax tripped for some reason on the search page

A question posted by another user has somehow triggered MathJax on the search page, but only when searching for the user and the tag that is on the question that is posted. Go to search and type in <...
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MathJax feature requires external JavaScript for SE’s editor/preview

After MathJax got enabled, the editor buttons (for "Strong", "Emphasis" etc.) are hidden and the preview function does not work anymore … when JavaScript from is blocked (...
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Double dollar sign in code breaks indentation [duplicate]

For example, if I have Markdown like: $$ $$ Then both lines should have the same indentation (zero), but they don't. It renders as: $$ $$ I suspect ...
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