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New users are those users who may be new to the Stack Exchange Q&A format, and generally have a low reputation score.

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Low-rep users cannot submit posts with MathJax display-style equations

I recently posted a question that is meant to have the following block of display-style MathJax at the top. ...
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Hide the "describe what you've tried" bullet (new askers' modal)

Our new asker's modal has the three bullets: Summarize the problem Provide details and any research When appropriate, describe what you've tried We are able to remove the third bullet point (see &...
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Can we have the first VTC post a comment? [closed]

I quite often encounter questions with at least one vote to close (VTC), but no comment or down vote. This means the OP doesn't know there is anything wrong with the question. Would it be possible for ...
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Caesar Cipher in C++

Come on people!!!!! Caesar Cipher in C++ Closing this as of-topic is ridiculous. It compiles it runs it works (for specific input). Yes it has flaws but this code is basically 99.9999999% complete ...
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Help a new user avoid being off-topic

I am new to Code Review (but not new to Stack Exchange in general). I'm puzzled by the reasoning for putting this question on hold and would like some advice on how to be on-topic in this and future ...
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6 votes
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Add question editing recommendations to Community Tour

After receiving some good feedback on my first question, I decided to edit my question to incorporate the advice with the idea to create a copy-pasteable "final version" for future visitors. However, ...
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30 votes
2 answers

Distributing "welcome votes" to first posts

When I review first posts in the first posts part of the review queues (found in the top right corner for some users), I will often upvote a first post from a new user if it is good enough. For ...
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Welcome to The 2nd Monitor!

So, you have found your way to the Code Review main chat room, The 2nd Monitor, perhaps for one of these reasons: You were invited or "pinged" by a site moderator or other user to discuss a post on ...
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1 answer

Is it bad to reference the best titles?

Recently, on new Code Review questions, I've been seeing this: Welcome to Code Review! As we all want to make our code more efficient or improve it in one way or another, try to write a title ...
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7 votes
3 answers

The Code Review/Programmers/Stack Overflow hot potato

I don't want to cross-post on all metas, so I chose Code Review. This is the current hot potato. So I'm starting to notice that questions are now getting kicked around between sites because each ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Improving the site description on our take-a-tour page

Our tour page says: Welcome to Code Review Stack Exchange CR Code Review is a question and answer site for sharing code ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Do new CR users who are trusted elsewhere on SE go through the First Post Queue?

This question is in regards to users who have 100 rep points. When we come here from another SE site, we are awarded 100 rep points to get us started. What I'm wondering is, do those users go ...
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35 votes
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First Post Review Queue — what is it? Why is it a bad idea to click "No Action Needed"?

When you pass 500 reputation you gain access to the Review Queues. One of them is the "First Post" queue. What is this queue, what purpose does it serve, and how should I process items in that queue?
16 votes
6 answers

Post Mortems - Episode I: A new hope

Prologue: A long long time ago (Apr. 17th, 16:00), in a galaxy far away, there was a stranger, seeking enlightenment. He came across a miraculous star named CodeReview in the deepest ...
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Hi! What brings you here today?

On 2013-11-15, we were given a review about our beta progress. On 2014-04-10, we also got some feedback from Stack Exchange Community Managers @GraceNote and @Pops. One of the concerns that was ...
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Add notice to FAQ for (new) users

As requested by one of the mods, this is the first of 3 suggestions/requests made here I've copy pasted it with some edits, during my lunch break, so if this suggestion doesn't make too much sense on ...
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Guidelines for new users + proposal tag

When asking a question on code-review, the goal is clear: To get a second opinion on your code. By peers, or by people with more experience ("experts", some might say). If you post a ton of ...
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New user's question closed without explanation

Here is the example of question that was closed without any explanation, without even trying to help @Leon (with only 1 point) to improve his question by posting some advice in the comments. I know ...
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