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Vote to Reopen Prompt Bug

If any help, I'm using Google Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a Mac. When I nominate a question to be reopened, the prompt window is still present after I click "Reopen". ...
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"Find out how review queues work" pop-up even after 1k reviews

I don't participate as often as I used to on this site. But I still have about 1k reviews on my account. So I was sort of surprised when I saw this pop-up today: My questions are: Is this a bug? Is ...
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Why does the "Close votes" review queue have a red dot when empty?

I get a red dot displayed in the review queue menu beside the "close votes" queue on Code Review although the queue is empty. On other StackExchange sites I only see this if the queue is very full. Is ...
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Why did I receive this moderator message?

I got a moderator message informing me that I've made some bad reviews. However, I failed to see which ones they are pointing at. Can you please show me? I've made 21 reviews in total.
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