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Questions tagged [scope]

Use this tag when examining what is on-topic or off-topic, and why.

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Reword tour page to specify best practices in specific cases

This is my own fault, but if I made the mistake I'm sure others could too. I missed that "Best practices in general" was in the "Don't ask about section" because I stopped at "Best practices and ...
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How much modification is needed to be considered authoring the code?

In C++ PEXT/PDEP implementations I believe that significant changes were made. But there was a comment stating that modifying is off topic. As this code is public, then modifications should be ...
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Add the word "readability" to the off topic close reason

Today we have this close reason: Code not implemented or not working as intended: Code Review is a community where programmers peer-review your working code to address issues such as security, ...
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Is it appropriate to ask to check exercises from Dragon Book here?

I am studying the Dragon Book about compilers and it has exercises which I try to solve. Unfortunately, there is no-one nearby who could check my solutions. Is it appropriate to post my solutions here ...
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Merge example code, stub code and insufficient context reasoning into one?

When expanding the guide to wonderland, I'm trying to explain what example code, stub code and context are. When trying to explain why example code is off-topic all I can think of is something like: ...
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Is it possible to have a "professional" take a look at my whole HTML / CSS Project here?

Is it possible to upload an entire HTML/CSS code project on this site for review, rather than just a small code snippet? I'm currently working on a r/place clone and while my code works fine, it would ...
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