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Use this tag when examining what is on-topic or off-topic, and why.

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Reword tour page to specify best practices in specific cases

This is my own fault, but if I made the mistake I'm sure others could too. I missed that "Best practices in general" was in the "Don't ask about section" because I stopped at "Best practices and ...
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Add the word "readability" to the off topic close reason

Today we have this close reason: Code not implemented or not working as intended: Code Review is a community where programmers peer-review your working code to address issues such as security, ...
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Merge example code, stub code and insufficient context reasoning into one?

When expanding the guide to wonderland, I'm trying to explain what example code, stub code and context are. When trying to explain why example code is off-topic all I can think of is something like: ...
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Place to ask about best practices regarding prometheus

I'd like to post a certain set-up I'm using; a combination of prometheus, k8s, helm and some other related tooling. The goal is scraping metrics (of common software like node_exporter and custom ...
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