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Do people read other reviews for learning?

I was looking for posts about self-answering my own code review question, and I saw this post: Why should I be able to answer my own question in the question's editor on Code Review? 3 days ago I ...
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Self-accepting own answer when competing answers exist

It came up in chat that one particular user seemed to be in the habit of: Posting a good question; Receiving good answers; Posting his/her refactored code as community answer, after adapting some ...
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15 votes
2 answers

Self-answering questions without other answers

I posted a question, and after it had been up a couple hours, I realized how some of the code could be improved, so I posted an answer myself. After I did so, though, I wasn't sure if I had done the ...
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12 votes
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Self-answers that re-write code with little/no explanation

I came across this self-answer today: It had no explanation or evaluation of the code in question, just a code rewrite. This seems to me to not ...
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Should I answer my own question with the improved code?

More to the point, should I delete this answer? I went through the help center pretty thoroughly and searched on here on Meta and couldn't really find anything that answers that question. The answer ...
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2 answers

Answering your own review

As a piece of code is subjected to peer review, the author should also be looking at ways to improve his code. Sometimes a problem pointed out by others will direct his attention to another issue in ...
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2 answers

Moving elements of answer from question to already existing self-answer

This is kind of a corner case but I love to know what people think when it comes to corner cases: Once upon a time, I posted a question that I still like and it included some elements of an answer ...
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Self-answering on Code Review? [duplicate]

So, to me it seems like self-answers here at Code Review are bad form. At other SE sites, if you receive answers that help you to the correct answer, normally you'll give those the credit and post ...
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How do we feel about canonical post for repeat review concepts? [duplicate]

I had started to write a question where I felt I was just going to repeat myself in reviews. Well I've been in the city since I was two and I certainly wouldn't say that I was stuck in a rut... stuck ...
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"Reviewing" your own code - "minor" optimization change - no previous answer [duplicate]

Do you think is ok to answer your own question with a "minor" optimization? Note: this is a different case from that question because there is no previous answer and I am not aggregating suggestions. ...
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Add a link as an answer to myself

I asked a question here a couple of days ago and I just found an excellent video on YouTube (Computerphile channel) that has a direct connection with the code I posted in my question, and could help ...
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