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A specific question refers to a particular and individual question on the site. This tag is used to query the community on the specifics of a particular question asked on the main site or the meta site.

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How can I improve this question about asyncio?

I recently asked this question on Code Review which was ill-received and got 4 close votes for being off-topic. I believe the main problem to be that I used a dummy function for a third party API ...
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How much modification is needed to be considered authoring the code?

In C++ PEXT/PDEP implementations I believe that significant changes were made. But there was a comment stating that modifying is off topic. As this code is public, then modifications should be ...
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Correct edit rejection

As code edits are reviewed by peers, anyone who has rights to review the edits can approve or reject edits. I suggested this edit and, AFAIK, my edits are correct. But this got rejected. I know this ...
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How to improve "Populate a table from a database using JavaScript" question?

I recently had a question receive fairly low attention (25 views, 1 comment, and 0 answers). It seems reasonably tagged, I'm familiar with bounties, and I've already read the FAQ on how to attract ...
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Why the hate on this HTML/CSS question?

I am curious to hear the reasoning behind why Simple Business Card Website is still closed. It has a title describing what the code does It requests a code review It contains the code that needs to ...
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Specific questions about design

I have some confusion whether specific question which are asking about design off-topic or on-topic? Specifically these 2 questions are confusing me Are private extension methods a bad thing to use? ...
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Why was I told to include a programming language tag for an [nginx] question?

It already had the tag nginx which is the configuration language at hand. The person that answered the question did a fine job and obviously knew what the question was about. Unduplicating prox_pass ...
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