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Stack Snippets are runnable inline code samples. Currently HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are supported. Use this tag for bug reports, feature requests, and discussions explicitly relevant to these snippets and their underlying technologies.

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17 votes
3 answers

Stack Snippets are Live! - Click here for your Sandbox

Stack Snippets are now live on the CR Meta and Main site too. Go on, play with it! Note that the feature is now live on the main site, and also there is a mini competition (for bragging rights) to ...
6 votes
1 answer

Stop focusing editor when clicking "run code snippet"

When creating a post that has one or more code snippets and I click "Run code snippet" the page scrolls back to the post's textarea. Since the code snippets are normally at the end of posts, ...
1 vote
0 answers

Possible "Snippet VM"?

I just recently got a post reopened. I tried out the snippet on there and Chrome said: this site is trying to load unsafe scripts (load unsafe scripts) When I did, it automatically set Code ...
10 votes
1 answer

Stack Snippets broken — Insert Into Post doesn't work?

Does the snippet tool no longer works? "Insert into Post" seems to do absolutely nothing, and I could not find a stack-trace in the console either. Observed on Chrome version 40.0.2174.0 canary ...
15 votes
4 answers

Challenge - Showcase the Stack Snippet Feature! - Challenge over!

The official blog announcing the feature has gone out, this competition is now closed. The Stack Snippet feature is now live. When you ask, or answer a question, click this button: When you use this ...
35 votes
7 answers

Should we adopt "Stack Snippets" (runnable code snippets in posts)?

Stack Overflow is implementing a new feature whereby the question (and answers) can contain runnable code snippets: Feedback requested: Runnable code snippets in questions and answers Today we'...