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Indicates that a change in functionality is currently under consideration, or needs further investigation.

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14 votes
4 answers

Hide the "describe what you've tried" bullet (new askers' modal)

Our new asker's modal has the three bullets: Summarize the problem Provide details and any research When appropriate, describe what you've tried We are able to remove the third bullet point (see &...
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6 votes
2 answers

MathJax is really eager to be applied to posts

When writing a MathJax heavy post I noticed a couple of bugs. For reference, here is an example of how the MathJax should look: $$ a_{i+1} = \begin{cases} \frac{a_i}{2} & \text{if $a_i \% 2 =...
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Couldn't dismiss mr. robot

Today I was greeted with MR. ROBOT, I wanted to close the prompt but the little x didn't work. Clicking above the prompt, to the right of the code, did close the prompt however.
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20 votes
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Fenced code blocks don't close properly at the end of a post

The new feature, GitHub (tilde) code blocks, from Implement ```-style (fenced) Markdown code blocks is a great addition, but there is a small bug which bizarrely only appears on Code Review & Code ...
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5 votes
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Possible misalignment within mod message page

It appears that various elements are misaligned within the mod message page: I don't remember exactly how it used to look, but I believe the guidelines box (and the message box) should be along the ...
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12 votes
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Sign Up / Log In page header looks funny

The page header for the Sign Up / Log In page looks a little funny: The white Background on the header doesn't match the text. Also it may be debatable whether it's intended to break the background ...
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