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What's this 'Bad Gateway' ad?

Now that CR community ads work again, I'm frantically refreshing my browser trying to get to see my Rubberduck ad... In 10 minutes I've seen the Brainduck ad 17 times, but none of my ducky. Is this ...
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Bounty Award Procedure may be Unclear

Actually, it was unclear, at least to me. But perhaps it is perfectly clear to others. Irrelevant background: Of the resulting 3 answers, I felt two were good (together they'd be great); the third ...
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Asking multiple questions about the same code

I'm preparing to write a question for Code Review. I've written a generic GNU makefile, with the idea that it can be applied to all kinds of C++ projects with different directory structures, etc. My, ...
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An 'edit' might have messed up my ability to edit

Someone edited my answer to 'FFT Algorithm', and after that, I am not able to edit the code. Even if I just open it in edit mode, and try saving (without doing any change), it says: code needs 4 ...
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Why is a logged-in user asked for a CAPTCHA?

A person who is logged-in on an account should not be told that they can not be distinguished from a 'machine', and required to fill out a CAPTCHA... I'd really like to see a machine that and log-in ...
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Why does the "Close votes" review queue have a red dot when empty?

I get a red dot displayed in the review queue menu beside the "close votes" queue on Code Review although the queue is empty. On other StackExchange sites I only see this if the queue is very full. Is ...
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