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This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] for tag synonym requests.

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Can we replace the misleading [unity] tag with a more distinct tag?

Some unity3d (game engine) questions are being accidentally tagged as unity (Microsoft dependency injection container). Can we rename unity to unity-container, and create a tag synonym for unity and ...
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Are [cross-browser] and [portability] synonyms?

I've written a JavaScript-related question, and I tagged it with cross-browser, but it was (for my unfortunate surprise) marked as portability, which is its synonym master. And it wasn't just me who ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Tag synonyms, revisited

Related questions: Synonymization proposal for version-specific language tags The [java-8] tag, here to stay? (Using java as an example, but this is applicable for any language) Say, ...
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Make HoF synonym a separate tag

higher-order-functions is currently a synonym for functional-programming. This is inaccurate; there is a significant overlap, however: Functional Programming is a much broader topic. HoFs are ...
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Make constexpr synonym to a new tag, constant-expression

I'm proposing creating a new tag, constant-expression, and then making constexpr a synonym for constant-expression, rather than constants. Constant expression in C++ requires different usage of ...
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Tag synonym request: [encryption] → [cryptography]

The encryption tag got created sometime in the last year. The cryptography tag completely covers the same topic, and it makes little sense to distinguish the two skills, especially when it comes to ...
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Perl6 is now known as Raku perl6 should be renamed to raku and existing postings should be re-tagged. SO did this already.
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Python 2.x merger bugs

After the creation of the Python-2.x tag there are a couple of bugs: The 'top users' page now doesn't show the correct information. My profile shows the tag as Python-2.7. The Python-2.x badge page ...
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Tag synonym request: [lexical-analysis] and [lexer]

The lexical-analysis tag was created in February 2016 and currently has 36 questions. lexer was created in January 2019 and has 31 questions. A few questions are tagged with both. Don't these tags ...
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4 votes
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Error approving tag synonyms after swap

Steps to reproduce: Pick a tag and click "Synonyms" Type a tag synonym and click the "Suggest" button Click the "see all tag synonyms" link Swap the tags on the unapproved suggested tag synonym Click ...
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Current synonymization of [crypto++]

Crypto++ is a C++ cryptographic library. CR used to have a dedicated tag for it: crypto++. Related, see Pre-create tags 'crypto++' and 'cryptopp' for email notifications?. I have an alert that ...
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Synonym tags have an "edit" link directing to a "page not found"

If I hover over a tag on the tags page, an edit link appears. If the tag is a synonym, then following the edit link will result in a "page not found". I would suggest the edit link shouldn't appear ...
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Synonym request for tag [animations], proposed synonym [easing]

Synonym Request I came across this question screen-transition-effect-like-in-final-fantasy-games where OP makes their custom easing function in order to smoothly transition a color over an image. I ...
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