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This tag is for issues of what is allowable or desirable in question titles.

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Should Code Review improve the new-question Title hint?

I would like to suggest a UX improvement for new users, so they're less likely to encounter edits / pushback from mods. 1. Summarize the problem Code Review posters are typically new users. ...
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I do not understand the feedback about my title

I don't understand how my question does not fit the site's standards. Can I please get some guidance? Is this an appropriate use of async/await combined with Task continuation? The current question ...
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Can we remove the need for titles to be unique

I came across the following title on the HNQ list. I made a Guess the number game in Python This is a pretty poor title, but the OP isn't to blame for this. As you can see the title almost ...
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Should I change the question's title or body, and/or create another question?

In this question (What is the best practice between second assignment or dict's value call?), I first ask for the best solution between second assignment or dict's value call. But, after few days I ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Titles that reference external resources

A couple of us disagreed (in comments) on whether titles that are nothing more than external references, such as "Advent of Code 2019 Day 3, Part 3" and "Project Euler nº 5", are reasonable. I ...
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Vote to close and unclear titles

We usually VTC questions with titles that don't reflect the goal of the code. Examples of said titles: "How do I make this better?" "My code is not fast enough" "I'd like my code to be more pythonic" ...
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Multiple related question titles

I am creating a programming language, Linny, and have asked two questions (First Question Here, Second Question Here). As I continue to improve the language, I intend on asking more questions to ...
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Given CR's question title policy, how to title a second question about the same program?

Originally asked in 2nd Monitor If we're asking a second CR question involving the same software, is it acceptable to give it nearly the same title? What is best practice for naming these questions?
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"Flood" of "Doing something in [language]" titles

I always thought that questions containing a language tag in the title should be cleaned-up as discussed in Should name of programming language be in the title of a question? Apparently I'm the only ...
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Should Code Review serve as a refactoring cookbook?

NB. It's not an argument against "keeping the original code intact". I understand the point, I agree with the benefits and I realize the issues that may arise should we digress. I'd like to hear the ...
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4 answers

Punny/Playful Titles Policy

Related: How can we avoid redundant titles? When you ask a question on the main site, the watermarked instructions say: State the task that your code accomplishes. Make your title distinctive. This ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Does preventing exact duplicate titles makes sense here?

When editing the title of Multiple FizzBuzz from a file, I first wanted to make the title "FizzBuzz from a file" but that exact title already exists which showed an error message: Considering our ...
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Usage of 'obsolete' on CR meta titles for locked posts

This question drew my eye today: and I found out there are several ...
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Is it bad to reference the best titles?

Recently, on new Code Review questions, I've been seeing this: Welcome to Code Review! As we all want to make our code more efficient or improve it in one way or another, try to write a title ...
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Programmatically removing "review" from titles

It looks like we all agree that titles should never contain the word "Review" or "review" inside them. What about writing a small script to remove all such occurencies? (4,369 such occurrencies to be ...
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Is it worthwhile to edit old titles?

While looking at a question, I saw a list of other related questions that had several meaningless titles: How can I make this code more elegant Can I make this C# for-loop more efficient? How to ...
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Best of Code Review 2014 - Best Title category

Please post your nominations for the Best of Code Review 2014 - Best Title category. The question with the best title. In your nomination post, please make sure to include a link to the revision ...
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4 answers

Blacklist "syntax error" in title

Could this be done so that we get fewer off-topic questions? I recommend pointing them to Stack Overflow.
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How can I make this comment asking for better titles more polite and friendly?

My question is very much related to Stop mentioning major concerns in title. Generic "My Code Smells. How do I refactor." titles are not very good for the site. I edit titles when I have a clear ...
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Stop mentioning major concerns in title

On the Ask a Question page, users are currently faced with this: state the purpose of your code, and mention any major concerns. I have recently started commenting on many questions with this ...
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16 votes
2 answers

How can we avoid redundant titles?

code-challenge posts are one example of can-get-tricky post titles, since we're a bunch of users posting "Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe" entries. Lots of other small projects have the same issue: Convert ...
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Prompt for more meaningful question titles

I'd like to make a feature request to elicit more meaningful question titles, because I'm tired of editing generic titles. Right now, when you ask a question, the title field contains the hint ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Should name of programming language be in the title of a question?

Almost every question on the website has the name of the programming language in its title. Also words like feedback, review etc. are unneeded I think as that is this website's purpose. I wanted the ...
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Meaningful question titles [duplicate]

I visited Code Review the first time and noticed that many question titles are meaningless. For example I found the following titles on the front page. How can I make this program a bit more ...
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How should a canonical question title be formatted on Code Review?

See the following 2 questions and their title edits: Calculations with a table containing football data (revisions) Database output function (revisions) While I understand that having all questions ...
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Improved title filter

I've just found the Improve “The Title Filter” responses question on SO meta. It would be great to filter additionally words like "review", "please", "please review", "review request", "my code", "...
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"Please review / critique" in question's title

Would it be wise to consider such posts as a subject for "auto" edit or add to the faq? It seems redundant to ask for review explicitly on the site which purpose is to review the code by community. ...
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Removing tags in title [duplicate]

I just removed 5 (scheme) tags from 5 questions. Some examples: Before: (Scheme) [SICP ex. 1.30] Iterative Sum After: [SICP ex. 1.30] Iterative Sum They were all in the similar format: Before: (...
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