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Unanswered questions are those questions which have no up-voted answers.

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What are the most active languages on Code Review

Normally I ask and answer questions on C++. And the responses are reasonable. But recently I asked question for review of my JavaScript (as I actually need a lot of help here). But I got a lot less ...
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Should we automatically close old zombies?

There are a few views of "unanswered" questions on Code Review: ("Questions" on left sidebar, "unanswered" ...
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When making a modification to a program, what do we include in the review?

In this question here I made a modification to a program: Nintendo Nightmare [any%] Speedrun Bot (17:37) Am I required to include the entire program’s source as part of the code to be reviewed? ...
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Why delete a lone upvoted answer on a CR question?

I see this post has one deleted answer that has some good advice and received three upvotes. Why was it deleted? My presumption is the user was aiming to earn the disciplined badge but perhaps there ...
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(Follow-up) Possible Solution for Zombies : The Brainstorm

This is a follow-up to this post. We currently have 6022 unanswered questions + some others with zero score answers. In order to find ideas, I propose that we post ideas here on how to reduce the ...
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Possible Solution for Zombies (unanswered questions)

Would it be possible for Code Review to award bounties on good questions that have remained unanswered for more than 6 months? When I was working through zombies I found a few questions I couldn't ...
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Any reason my "Emulation of SE's text input control for tags" question has gone unanswered?

Is there something wrong with this question ... Emulation of SE's text input control for tags ... that might make it difficult or unpleasant to answer? Can you suggest what I should do to ...
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Collecting good comments on Unanswered Questions into a Community Wiki answer

While looking through the list of unanswered questions I found some similar to this one, where the comments provide some well thought insights into the code as well as suggestions for improvement. In ...
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How long does it usually take to get code reviewed on this site?

I submitted this code yesterday, and I am just curious when it would be reviewed. I was looking forward to learning some new things.
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Tool for Zombie-hunting

A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion in The 2nd Monitor about reducing Zombies and bringing the answered percentage up. I've noticed during my searches of unanswered questions that some of the ...
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Can I repost my question if the original received no answers or comments?

The question I posted received no comment or answer at all. It was just edited by another person to make the wording better and clearer. I reviewed the question but I can't find any way to improve it. ...
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Search or list unanswered questions by language

Is it possible to search for unanswered questions AND no other language than language L, for example, only unanswered Java questions? I would like to list all unanswered questions for a given tag.
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Poor quality unanswered questions

You all know we're fighting our zombies. I check the "Unanswered Question" from time to time, like some of you I guess. I happen to see "poor quality" questions (or super complicated one, but those ...
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Call of Duty II - We're still on a mission

Briefing. November 16, 2013. In response to a not-so-shiny Stack Exchange Community Managers' review of our favorite Stack Exchange site and seeing that about 10% of the site's content consisted of ...
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Dealing with a question with no answer

The Help page suggest that if a question has received no answer, the poster should: Edit the question to provide status and progress updates Document continued efforts to answer the question Offering ...
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Should we retain unanswered questions from deleted users?

Background We've had a user who asked many questions, mainly follow-up questions, some of which lacked sufficient detail and a review request. Due to some issues stemming from issues of the user and ...
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'Bumping' Stale / Unanswered questions (and their asker!)

In the quest to work through the backlog of unanswered questions it is apparent that some of the questions are complicated, 'exotic', or very involved. For example, this question: Vertex Buffer Object ...
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Need formal definition for "question that has no upvoted answers"

In all likelihood I'm missing something about the notion of what exactly an answered question actually is, ..or there seems to be a bug in the counter. Go to Questions/unanswered, you get 996 "...
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Call of Duty - We're on a mission

This is a direct reply to Grace Note's recent CR review, more precisely the following part: (emphasis mine) Unanswered Tying in to all of the above is one of the most pressing concerns about ...
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Is anything wrong with this question?

I know the voting is a little shy on CR, but I'd have thought this post would have generated more views/votes at least a couple comments. But there's almost 60 views now, and still nothing. List<T&...
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Trying to get this website get out of beta

The questions under unanswered contains questions which may or may not have answers. The only common factor in them is that there are no upvoted answers. I was trying to improve the percentage of ...
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